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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Enemy in Terrorism

A dominion that it is
A need to control 
A need to rise up against the enemy

A battalion once was conquered by an army
An army of men distilled with weaponry
Instilled with vicious means to capture the innocent
Against all odds a victory is to be won
Killing uppermost in their minds

Have you ever wondered how the general sleeps the night?
Each time he plunders into deep sleep he is awake with fear
A fear of the enemy to his shadow

Do you ever wonder of the numbers that have perished?
Singled out in an ambush
Running in all directions
Numbed with silent screams
Hiding in thick jungles
Scoured by the killers from both sides
A loser in the end
To a reason unjustified 

For if religion is seen to be a priest for the followers
then let the abodes of the human mind first interpret the meaning
of worship. Human frailty misunderstands the concept of ignorance
where religion is concerned and sidesteps the arches of the Holy Books
to guide the misrepresented - shobana

If death is the means to peace,
Let men of all nations understand that to live is a unified decree with a chance
to survive the fall of treacherous minds - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

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