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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Milieu of Contempt

I have written what I have written
And the story begins with you

Far away from eyes that glare
I become the centerfuge
Of a milieu where words are read unscripted through
Trailing wonders of the written with a subject of taboo

For none can evade the thoughts of a great mind like you
When you scripture the words that are true
Awaking angst and pain in the midst of a train
of a language that abhors you.

Wailing madness screeches words in plain astute
Awaking senses of blindness in you
Erupting motions that sometimes masks the person of you
In the written you ascertain a clear view

Once I have written what I have written
I beg to grant you
The freedom to realign the pen too..

For to choose the subject is to gain the respect of the scroll that shows what you do - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Wilderness of Your Yield

It was when the journey met with hinges that I felt
its breaches for a lonely path
Taking a little time to feel the heat and the moment's ride
becomes like the weather - a little downtrodden..

I raise my hands up to you Lord
For the hills and the mountains in view 
Would it matter that I was known as a passerby in a strange clone
called  paradise...

As my companion rides with me
I bask its might in speed
The horse and I we heel ahead with time

The view O Lord sometimes cast in clouds
Makes my tears worthwhile
in riding storm
and it creaks a cheer sometimes out of fear
It is my pride I hear deep within me

Its when I laugh out tears amid my fears in gloom
On those of days of cheers
I bid thee years of fortitude or even see the magnitude
of the vacant - the wilderness of your yield.

All rights reserved. copyright@shobana2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Courting of the Skies

A Courting of the Skies

The fresh plumes of smoke that sizzles past a dry sky
sometimes wields a story -
Do you wonder at it somehow
An engine that revs up a track of distance
Its speed, its venture, its horizon
And sometimes those skies are under surveillance
Akin to a pilot mastering his junction..

When planes go buy it tidies up a section
A Lane built in the sky just like an aerodrome made in perfection
Watched and briefed in a language of codes and simulation
Disappear it from view and a thousand query overrides restriction
How do you propose the question
At each area a surveil of man and his equation
How doth the plane fly past and be lost to an eye with the distinction
of the equation
One miniscule attempt at a foolhardy calculation
and a missing becomes the attention

When planes go by, do you sometimes reach out in suppression
Of emotions held tight like the seat belts that hold tight
your ascension.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Price of Liberty

Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty - Jefferson

Storm fed seas rise in tandem with winds
Winds that create a force
Turbulent with needs
It subjects the mind to reel
And I say reel in fighting the wheel

Have you ever been touched by the lore
Of sea-fed dreams like sourcing the shores
Of a foreign land hidden in between
A spot of land and a touch of the breeze
A crest of hidden wealth

Do you call it an island or do you see
Through the lenses of a captain and his fleet

Gurgling waters rushing by seabeds
Trembling with wind swept sailors
Camped in the fleet

Ahoy, I'm here way down your shores
I take this island over from your drudging boss
Ahoy, you'll find me washing me beer
Down my throat watching over the pride of my seize
Your boss who made silly his choice of his crown
Who lost his stake in a gamble of cards
His stake of an island, his habits and all
His loss forlorn, his kingdom undone

So be vigilant, the enemy's here
On the grounded shores berthed the day before gone.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Swift Master

Young Biker Stock Photo

The Dominance of Man and his Child

Lingering in shadows untied
By a curtain fall that feels satin and masked
The father of a child has yet to be unmasked

Striving to bid 
He stays calm and fit
And relinquishes his need to be swift

Taking time he thought a while
Whispering in silent breaths
He says," He's a dad to be admired "

He takes his character in a lead
And plays the Swift Master of a kid

Son, says he
Would you tell me I plead
Why Fathers are meant to be a mystery
They hide their ways and present their taste
In a straight talking verb that means "great"

My father I, says the Son in pride
You unmask my shy and take me high
into this world where greats play a big lead
You promise that the world and I
will grant me a place, a victory
To meet its demands and reach me the sky
And Father My gift is undying.

So the Father's pride is Me and I
And the Son and his identity
will take each start and finish the line
Making sure he is one in the race of the greats.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Beautiful Woman

I know that I am a wonder to you
Hailing from someplace unknown
I stand on beaches that seas rush to
With sand on my feet to show

O hail the sky
That measures up to me
And treats me as the beautiful one
A woman am I
Distrusting you see
Of the camouflage that you set at dusk

I stand with colors all pink in shade
And somewhere between it see red
The reflection I create
With the dusk and the grey
I am the beautiful one instead

I stand all alone watched by the sun's glow
And I dance to the tune of a seaside lullaby
I trip and I fall and see the world so small
In my fingertips I grip it all

So dance a lullaby and see how I try
to create a beautiful slide
of the picture of me 
and that would be
A beautiful woman at sundown

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The foremost sin of Man (For the victims of rape and violence)

death : Old rope with hangmans noose. Stock Photo

Fears of death dispel
I count thee amongst the darkest sequel to life - shobana
(For the countless women who are raped and tortured to death all around the world)

"She is cumbersome with care
Her mind in a distraction
He, cowed with a heartless addiction
She maintains her submission to understand the wrath of men"

A woman she is before one that stands before her
Naked and derided, lust in his manner
Her cleavage his hunger
He,  accustomed to mindless torture
Awashes his lust in a spirited encounter

Wrangling in despair to relieve her malady
of a poisonous viper, she hisses in anger, trembling with fear and derision
dismal in a failed release
a frail creature in the lair of a vulture.

He captures his captive 
His body an instrument of evil
Of a dark rupture he begins his endeavor
Tormenting and deriding the very flesh
That metes out softness the world over
A fragility of torn shards of mirror
Both reflecting her helpless stature and
mirroring his madness

Limp steals her body
And control freaks a mind
Lust washed over innocence
Now meted out as a crime

How foolhardy a nature and how fractuous a care
The eyes of the brandisher, a relief not that of a crown
How foolhardy a perisher who once preyed on women as a deceiver
His conquest of the innocent
His  - The foremost sin of man

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Did You Hear (A Repost)

I heard a little whisper tonight
of two little sparrows that thought
they went unheard..

When ma was born, did you think
she decided upon being a sparrow?
one asked with a little quirk..

The other answered 
Why, I don't think she had a choice
for if she did why would she want to be
something small when
she could have chosen to be
a lioness or even a blue whale,
sailing seas or being a breathtaking beauty
running with grace
and keeping everyone enthralled
with its speed and entity?

Yes, your wisdom is bright
said the other,
You've shown me alright
that we are given a life
without choice
but often given options of course
to learn from the past
that mistakes are meant to be small
for the bigger ones will begrudge you with a fall
that may not be repaired at all..


Monday, June 2, 2014

When moonbeam streaks

sun sunset romantic
I caught a sight oft not seen
I caught it lingering in a scene
Not far where oceans are covered by moonbeam streaks

Falling from the sky it bled
The dazzling rays from clouds of red
On to the oceans that blinding light
Met the gentle rush of waters kind

Have you ever wondered if the sky touched those waters kind
Would the clouds be sought as an after thought
As the palatial kingdom where doves do thrive
Watching heaven unmask each day its task

I sought the answer whispering the need
To have a clear picture of why the sky meets the horizon 
When moonbeam streaks a picture of salvation.


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