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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The foremost sin of Man (For the victims of rape and violence)

death : Old rope with hangmans noose. Stock Photo

Fears of death dispel
I count thee amongst the darkest sequel to life - shobana
(For the countless women who are raped and tortured to death all around the world)

"She is cumbersome with care
Her mind in a distraction
He, cowed with a heartless addiction
She maintains her submission to understand the wrath of men"

A woman she is before one that stands before her
Naked and derided, lust in his manner
Her cleavage his hunger
He,  accustomed to mindless torture
Awashes his lust in a spirited encounter

Wrangling in despair to relieve her malady
of a poisonous viper, she hisses in anger, trembling with fear and derision
dismal in a failed release
a frail creature in the lair of a vulture.

He captures his captive 
His body an instrument of evil
Of a dark rupture he begins his endeavor
Tormenting and deriding the very flesh
That metes out softness the world over
A fragility of torn shards of mirror
Both reflecting her helpless stature and
mirroring his madness

Limp steals her body
And control freaks a mind
Lust washed over innocence
Now meted out as a crime

How foolhardy a nature and how fractuous a care
The eyes of the brandisher, a relief not that of a crown
How foolhardy a perisher who once preyed on women as a deceiver
His conquest of the innocent
His  - The foremost sin of man

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

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