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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Price of Liberty

Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty - Jefferson

Storm fed seas rise in tandem with winds
Winds that create a force
Turbulent with needs
It subjects the mind to reel
And I say reel in fighting the wheel

Have you ever been touched by the lore
Of sea-fed dreams like sourcing the shores
Of a foreign land hidden in between
A spot of land and a touch of the breeze
A crest of hidden wealth

Do you call it an island or do you see
Through the lenses of a captain and his fleet

Gurgling waters rushing by seabeds
Trembling with wind swept sailors
Camped in the fleet

Ahoy, I'm here way down your shores
I take this island over from your drudging boss
Ahoy, you'll find me washing me beer
Down my throat watching over the pride of my seize
Your boss who made silly his choice of his crown
Who lost his stake in a gamble of cards
His stake of an island, his habits and all
His loss forlorn, his kingdom undone

So be vigilant, the enemy's here
On the grounded shores berthed the day before gone.

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