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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Swift Master

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The Dominance of Man and his Child

Lingering in shadows untied
By a curtain fall that feels satin and masked
The father of a child has yet to be unmasked

Striving to bid 
He stays calm and fit
And relinquishes his need to be swift

Taking time he thought a while
Whispering in silent breaths
He says," He's a dad to be admired "

He takes his character in a lead
And plays the Swift Master of a kid

Son, says he
Would you tell me I plead
Why Fathers are meant to be a mystery
They hide their ways and present their taste
In a straight talking verb that means "great"

My father I, says the Son in pride
You unmask my shy and take me high
into this world where greats play a big lead
You promise that the world and I
will grant me a place, a victory
To meet its demands and reach me the sky
And Father My gift is undying.

So the Father's pride is Me and I
And the Son and his identity
will take each start and finish the line
Making sure he is one in the race of the greats.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

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