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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Paradise Strewn

Somewhere where the angels reside
You glimpse a fairy or two
Walking angels in paradise
Strewn with flowers that bloom

An orange hue await the blessed arc
Made of roses so blue
Have you seen the colored rose with its scents that's so pure
I walk ahead just passing by beds of yellow too
Watching eyes, awakening a smile
And tracing perfume

Away the time, I find me a game
Of tracking places that's new
The waters beam with rays of sunlight
The rivers they fume
The color orange overflows
On pebbles so deep
They nudge a passing rainbow of nine
Bidding the seven adieu

Somewhere where the angels reside
I find heaven too
Among the lushness of fields of white
I dance with fairies in blue

All rights reserved. Copyright@2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Among Great Composers And Orchestra..


She finds the solace on a stringed veil of peace
The music so cumbersome when you hear it being played
The violin strums the soul of dreams
That beautiful sound created by strings of hope relived

She takes a step not heeding
The vision the violinist plays
Of songs that braids each verse
And tinkles little dance steps
Through feet that lift in haste
To the tremble of its music 
Against a footnote displayed

O Hark the gentle abiding
The violin takes its place
Among Great Composers and Orchestra
An instrument of age old Hail..


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Of Cigars and a Trip to Tobaccoland

Masquerading, a brow all heaving
She lays out the leaf embroiled in the thievery of tobacco crunch
A top each layer, she lays them in tandem with the drift of the smell
Pungent and drifting, they cast away spells
Smoked by the heathen and struck out as hell

Kings and vagabonds they quell each taste unmistaken with wealth
The whiskey comprising
Each sip with smoke arising
The master of the cigar stands laissez-faire amid the scent

He puffs on his cigar and heightens his delight 
At being the master of a lifestyle commanding blights of feverish
demands that meets his survival at being above the status quo
of men at the helm.

Of Cigars and a trip to Tobaccoland.

All rights reserved.Copyright@2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Unpredictable Weather

ship-deutschland.jpg (170832 Byte)

At odd times we believe in sailing though rough waters
without drowning and those times often than not
takes us into a voyage of overcoming choppy waters.
Sometimes we tend to blame the weather
and there are times when it becomes unclear
as to when we started on the rough journey and
ended with failure.

We take a great leap ahead and look back to the
reasons as to why we are trapped in drowning waters,
More often that not it is due to the unforseen or
maybe the influx of angst and error.

No matter what we see in our journey of rough seas ahead
the chances of overcoming them always leaves us
with a renewed vigor.

There will be days when the sky seems downcast
and days when the sun shines and smiles somewhat
and the waters seem serenely drifting with us
moving in a tide of danger left past.

In the end our lives do depend on the weather,
does it not?

So lift a little of your anxiety and see past the glory
of the sunrise and sunset and remember we are
the centrefold of an earth seen the worst and
live to be greeted by another day to rise and predict
the weather :)

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2013

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Afternoon Tea of Sorts

An Afternoon tea of sorts
An engaging with a vignette
Croissants and sandwiches, some delicates like curry puff
An engagement and an encounter..

O miss the misdemeanor
Of etiquette such tender
A gloved hand in lace
Makes a chagrin of the glaze

Flavor the mini dishes
Exquisite in taste
I drink my tea with a toast
to the  upper class English Boasts

A sip at one and a nibble at some
And there to share are Gloats..
Never mind the misadventure
For a tummy filled with less than an ounce
Gains stardom in standard Pounds..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Among the Corals So Free

She imagines herself a mermaid
With a tail that bequeaths her frame
And tales of somewhere below the sea
Where she lives among the corals so free

She abides
Among the fables relived
Of stories told and some untold
Where she lives alive and so free

With the corals that tree a place such as thee
The seabeds come alive
With the waters that breathe
A clear distinct creed
The corals they dance to the sound
Of a mermaid that moves underground

O swim thee among corals free
And greet the world loved below
And spray thy fame across the oceans deep
With perfection in thy stroke
With stripes of the sea and the glass of the serene
You gather the moss of the crete

O free thy mermaid among the corals you sleep
In rocks of the world below
You enter the forays of an ocean deep
With your beauty your tale springs forth

All rights reserved. Copyright@2014

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