Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Among the Corals So Free

She imagines herself a mermaid
With a tail that bequeaths her frame
And tales of somewhere below the sea
Where she lives among the corals so free

She abides
Among the fables relived
Of stories told and some untold
Where she lives alive and so free

With the corals that tree a place such as thee
The seabeds come alive
With the waters that breathe
A clear distinct creed
The corals they dance to the sound
Of a mermaid that moves underground

O swim thee among corals free
And greet the world loved below
And spray thy fame across the oceans deep
With perfection in thy stroke
With stripes of the sea and the glass of the serene
You gather the moss of the crete

O free thy mermaid among the corals you sleep
In rocks of the world below
You enter the forays of an ocean deep
With your beauty your tale springs forth

All rights reserved. Copyright@2014

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