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Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Malaysian Graduates from Camaguey, Cuba

In 2007, our first batch of eager students entered their 7 year scholarship program provided by the Cuban Government to Malaysians for the first time.There were six in all.  My daughter, Sasha Jo Anne Gomez was one of the recipients and I remember after the initial briefing by the officials at the Cuban Embassy here in Malaysia she had so many unanswered questions which could only be enlightened once she embarked on her dream of being a doctor while there.
She left in pursuit of her dream and today stands counted as one of the first Malaysian to graduate with a Medical Degree from the Universidad de Ciencias Medicas in Camaguey. A tremendously proud moment for her and the two other Malaysians who studied at the same University - Rachel Saw and Jasmine and the rest of the students in Ciego de Avila. 

These girls endured tremendous challenges and made Cuba their home for the past 7 years. The first challenge they had to face was their successful attempt in studying the whole course in Spanish - a language foreign to them then but now fluent. I watched them with pride communicating with the rest of the local and foreign graduates during the ceremony speaking in the their native language and I realized then that they had much to be proud of as they had also gained in their ability to speak one of the most prominent and versatile languages in the world.

Attending their graduation I did with so much pride and wonder. I love the country for the many colors that it portray. They are astoundingly beautiful and I believe that Cubans are one of the most intelligent people in the world. There are many vaccines researched and  founded by them. Everyone I spoke to had so much respect for the Cuban Medical Degree and the generosity of the Cuban Government in providing the scholarship to foreigners is to be much respected and appreciated. They show the world that they are willing to share their knowledge in medical advancements for the betterment of the world and help third world countries in providing good doctors for their society There are many students from the poorer countries there who are happy to receive the scholarship and pursue their dream - intelligent students who would not have made it otherwise for lack of funds. I spoke to one of them, Ramesh from Guyana who kept me enthralled with his capability to explain intricate medical terms and their analogy and thus prescribing medication just listening to symptoms. He could also with such ease tell us about its functionality and adverse effects and he was in his 5th year of the program. This is what the Cuban government has taught our children - to be analytical and think out of the box and be fast in their overall summation of a patient. 

So it is with so much relief that we celebrate our first graduates and may their dreams take them far in providing the best healthcare possible and we congratulate them on making their dream a reality and success!

So Viva Cuba and their contribution to humankind.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Camped in Shaded Huts, The Beach Chair Is Never Without A Patron..

A typical tropical paradise in Camaguey, Cuba in the Caribbean leaves a distinct impression on this writer. Green crystal clear waters, tangy salted air and a taste for freedom is evident in the very rush of the waters that wafts the beach, the waves clearly playful in a disarray of movements. On a clear day, you see the mirage of the beauty from afar and revel in its magnificence.

Summer in the sun is welcomed with much delight by the beach lovers and holiday makers on this island paradise. The sun sweltering in its heat combined with the fronds of the ever present coconut trees displaying tresses of shadows makes it a sight to behold. I love the sea and all its trappings. Camped in shaded huts, the beach chair is never without a patron. 

Quenching my thirst with a mohito, I sit watching the sun tanned holiday makers making a beeline for the sea waters. Beautiful sculptured bodies glistening with suntan lotion greet the warm seas. Swimming, gliding they seem to forget the time in their enjoyment of a holiday perhaps well-deserved. The Santa Lucia seaside is a favorite among the many foreigners who come to spend their summer frolicking in the sun. Apart from the locals, it caters to many foreigners mainly from the neighbouring  Canada, Spain and even Italy.

The locals are gorgeous in their outlook. Beautiful faces with bodies to match, their smiles are contagious and their demeanor friendly. The main language being Spanish, I had my conversations in bit and pieces of smattering English for which I would get a barrage of Spanish in return. It was fun communicating with them as we would end up in laughter afterwards at our clumsy communication skills.

I sat through the sweltering heat and watched the sun die to a beautiful sunset. The beauty that captured me inexplicable, I wondered if God ever sat and watched his creation from time to time.
The dusk welcomed and the air cooler, I watched another group of revelers walking the beach. Hand in hand they walk and would they perchance have made a wish when the first crop of stars appear in the sky. They say if you count forty stars and make a wish, it will come true! What would they have wished for...each other? or just like me for another chance to see the sunset on a glorious seaside such as this sometime in the near future.

Sunsets are made for lovers of beauty for when they collide with peaceful waters, they submerge a deep intoxication in the eye of the beholder of which there is no comparison.
I love watching the sunset and this opportunity of seeing one so far away from home with the settings of paradise fills me with humility. It is set in the distance of another world, another culture and speaks so eloquently of converging with people of diverse cultures and places. It is so extraordinary and a pleasure that no money can buy. Live is certainly to be lived!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The ABCs of Life

I Sit in the shadows of my book
What I see are clear letters with nary a doubt
I see that happiness is outlined in every word
And I wondered at pictures it conjured

And it goes like this :-

To find the respect you want you flick to the letter that touches your heart
and the first picture that came to mind is the one taught way down before time
it said,
Love your neighbours as you would Love yourself

For to harp for a beginning I am trying to find time, I end up with a season that
I'll read to you another time for I am busy with my life right now and it conjured a
picture of "Rush"
It said
Do not forget that time runs your life like the speeding train I wrote of once, you miss
a second and its lost - forever gone

To regret the wasted time - I bequest you to trace the line of forgiveness
It said
Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and you'll find regret not in your dictionary

Reveal the glow of happiness, when you see beauty in every word and it consumes
the depth of you and you glow deep within too
It said
My beauty formed in my mind, one day I wrote a word that rhymed and looked back
to see the world pass by and in a magical way I drowned in my lines

Never to drown in your sorrows for they don't last
Don't hurry and miss the real boat
Life brings happiness, it does not choose
Your outlook throws you life's hook
and to conclude
The more learned you become
You realize you don't know it all
And so continue to your next chapter 
for there is more for you to read and be informed...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I walked paradise once

Shall I walk through the flowered path
Taking my shadow pink inside
I trip upon a sacred site
Sitting down I traced a line

It said

Bade my entrance here
To a windblown blossomed sphere
I am paradise 
Colored in Pink disguise
And I walk with angels by my side

Shall I wait upon a flowered grove
Entrusting my mind to the splendor of the throne
Wide eyed and innocent I wait
For the caption that led me to a frocked pink show

I wrote my star in the sky once
Silver stardust it shone
It said, Blind me with the crown
That engulfs my heart and mind

Gazing stardust in a silent glow
I walked paradise once
It had pink ribbons and flowers in disguise.

All rights reserved, Copyright@shobana2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alleluia, Thy Wisdom Shines

Free vector cartoon natural

Near peaceful waters I reside
Sharing the river beds aside
With pebbles and rocks and castaway drops
from fountains that bridge sea and land

O The river that might once run deep
Within the flora of green
I mistake it sometimes for the depth of the grand
Eden's anointed 
Trailing a jungle of fresh dew

Peace that might have once been ripe
within thy bosom so pure
I lift my hands in an embrace of chants
singing Alleluia, thy wisdom shines

Singing Alleluia, thy wisdom shines


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