To begin with, one has to have the undivided trust and commitment of a business partner. He or she will have to have the same or similar ideas, energy and projection towards the Company that is started by the founders concerned detailing a motto or culture instilled as its guide of practice.
Proactive contributors to a Company demands the kind of energy that is equal to a fresh graduate seeking his first interview for his dream job. One with much enthusiasm and instilled energy with new ideas and a newly driven motto of sharing his or her knowledge with the rest of the world in order to be a force behind the build up of a start-up company.
I had the honor of starting my Recruitment Agency with someone having all the qualities and experience that is befitting of a perfect partner. We shared all our past experiences we gained in knowledge and designations held and we founded Agensi Pekerjaan Workline Sdn Bhd in 1996 and come October it will be 18 years that we jointly managed this Company. This time round it will only be me celebrating the anniversary of our Company as with the sudden demise of my sister, friend and partner - Ms. Jacquline Gomez, on this day last year i.e. 26th September 2013, I am bereft of the other founder for this remarkable project the two of us jointly embarked on. It has been a lonely year since her passing and as each day passes I have much memories to keep, share and cling on to and keep wishing that she is still here with me to see this whole thing through.
Her sudden demise has left me bereft of the most ideal partnership that ever was and May Her Soul Rest in Peace - shobana