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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A norm that is persistently equated with the habit of denial or denying an action of deriding a person’s capability of injecting intellectual communication and presentation is considered rude and unjust. As with the world at large today, constant bickering is a norm practised by the immature who are unable to take or make policies and have its citizens abide by it. How we take kindly to political divides coming to a conclusive conclusion is another much debated topic.

Secularity in any fabric of society is meant to harmonise the nationals of a plural Country. When in a plural Country, one is constantly reminded of its diversity. Concurring with these we have each with different taste buds be it in the language, food, dress code and ethnicity. The way a country sees its future accomplishments and success, a promoted administration would be wise to address the issue of unity with diversity as its first manifestation when taking office.

Abolishing certain policies of divide and rule will meet the fundamentalism of a successful Country.  The Country is survived by the people first and foremost. Every citizen has a right to peace and equality. Unrest disillusions the very essence of a life promised by our forefathers or stated in a Constitution that outlines the rule of law for a Country.

What baffles is we have the whole world ahead of us as an inspiration and a challenge to move with the times and enjoy the painstakingly beautiful monuments of pride built with the very idea to moot the individuality of a country and we see it as targets of destruction by those proclaiming to create a variation of different anti-human organizations. Wouldn’t you say that they are anti-human? When you balk in self-destructiveness and proclaim a future of terror and pain, would you take into account the fact that the future generation will be bereft of the sanctity of peace and harmony? What would their likely images conjure – would there be an image of the future in their lives or would they be conditioned to think on medieval terms.

They say children are the future – could you that instigate a region of terror foresee children of the future? More likely than not, they will disintegrate with false beliefs and teachings and be subject to robotic actions and thoughts. Most would be at ease with barbaric actions and the innocence of a child is lost to the incredulous reality of wars and crimes.

Beheading?? Seriously?? Why? From the beginning of time and through wars that was the lesson of reaching peace has always been determined by interpretation and dialogue!
Why is there a need for senseless killings especially of innocents? Why the need for ruin instead of building a world of integration and peace, of justice and success, of assimilation and friendship, of respect and unity? Why do we kill in this modern day of society? What we need is to reshape the world to accept education as a tool of peace, goodwill and rehabilitation of mind-sets gone wrong!
Love the world we live in and someday your reward will be to attain the peace and freedom instilled by the sanctity of any religion  actions will speak volumes and create an atmosphere of respect and it starts with “ME”.


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