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Monday, October 27, 2014

La Mer

pebble beach and sea

The mirth of its laughter combined with the sea breeze 
left the touch of the playful waves in a frenzy 

Have you ever wondered at the vastness of the oceans 
that cover the unknown
Mystical deep with a drowning clarity
Waves that tumble on to sands of pearl and pebbles that form
in an encounter therein

Smooth sailing waters with brine that touch lips
Escaping the lingers of deep colored blue maybe green or its horizon's hue
seen first in a flicker by the length of its breadth 
Reaching far across the epi-center of a world undiscovered

She sits 
And years move on
Just like the ocean that glimpses
the dawn
She sits
Waiting for dawn...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Beauty of Creation

I met a wallflower once
that grew beyond its seams
It nurtured a little symphony
That began with the letter B

Beauty and lovers go
hand in hand embracing so
in tandem with the sunlight show
of flowers that bloom

Beautiful creation silver lining in
a topsy world
Where bluebells and sunny days
Bring sunshine to you

The keys they ring happily
to songs sung by trees
And every now and then they creep
up on to you
With smiles that bring happiness
And cheery tales of lovers two
That walk through the sunshine
into the valley of "I do"

Copryright@shobana2014. All rights reserved

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Flashes of The Great

The vision that I once dreamt of
Stood ahead of me one day
I saw the earth shatter and fall
in an awesome show of display

The mountain lay hidden in the spectacle
The clouds moving away
The grass green that enveloped
those flashes that stood in its way
Were a afresh with dew drops
of the fall of the rain

Somewhere far up the mountains
That lead to its display
The flashes combined with the rays of the great
O Watch thy immersion
Into the streams that lay near
Gushing waters breathing daughters of the mountain in display

O blistered and affected
They signal a time that God's grace
is subject to annihilation and whispers of disgrace
O Walk the feet
Where roams no beast
And watch the sky ablaze
With a rumbling of ascension of
The Flashes of the Great.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Man's Island

Once a footprint is created, its confines are territorial and a legacy is born - shobana

She steps with clarity over waters that cover her footprints
Touching the sands with her presence of deity
She walked on No Man's Island once
Where the breeze combined with the wind
created an altercation of the sun and the sea

Creating an impression of innocence
She tried to retrieve her footprints
Washed by tiny bubbles that covers the sand
Protected by the tide of water
They presume is within their encode
Engraving a massive sign
That deepens her curiosity
As to why no singular being is trusted within their confines
To even be considered with a footprint as a legacy - shobana

All rights reserved. copyright@shobana2014

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