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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Thousand Words

A thousand words
A thousand words
A thousand words
A thousand words
A thousand words

A child often talks the language of a thousand words once he is able to. It can be in the form of a drawing or his first alphabet and depending on his interest he is able to tell a story. Every little meaning that he derives from his words holds a symbolic meaning to him.
Can you envisage a life without a pen in hand or a painting without a brush in hand?
The drawing of life can be interpreted in many ways - some with pointed pens and others with an easel of colors.
Can you imagine a life without learning? How do you tell a landscape from a valley? Or why do you reckon the peaceful age to come will need a thousand words and a following?
We are now living in a world of regret..it is true. We have cultivated a cluster of minds evil and diminished a life of beauty. With an attack to the most promising of pleasures and that which opens the minds to acceptance and learning and maybe even symbolizing the art of contradiction - we have created a world of disarray. 
Where have we gone wrong? When will we learn that brutality doesn't pay and that we kill the future with our violence. 
A thousand words - what picture would you paint with it?

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