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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The 56th National Day of Cuba In Celebration

The 56th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution & Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Bilateral ties between Cuba and Malaysia. Officiated by The Honorable Datuk Razali bin Ibrahim, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.

Cuba has always been an intrigue to me! A Country steeped with revolutionary patriots and freedom fighters and its colorful peoples who has conformed to the Socialist way of life - much is to be said of their history.
The 29th of January, 2015 saw a celebratory function held at Hugo's at the Plaza Sentral with about 200 people in attendance. The invited apart from the Malaysians were diverse in structure. It was a night of revelry and great interaction with a band that played to the beat of  the Salsa and Guantanamera. I know that each time we attend a Cuban function with music playing, the song "Guantanamera" is sung without fail. It is a Cuban favorite just as Mojito replicates the Cubans to me. Adults and children alike move to the fast beats of the Salsa and I believe the children are taught the steps at an early age. They have much energy gyrating to the beat never seeming to relax in their moves until the music has ended!

With good food, wine and dance - a norm within their culture, they celebrated their heroes with much splendor. Together with the bilateral ties between both our countries, we congratulate them on their National Day and wish them felicitations and many successes for the future in leaps and bounds - shobana

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