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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Enemy Within

On a seemingly normal day, the hustle and bustle of the city and its inhabitants don't leave much to imagination. Every day as is norm, people carry on with their random duties and lives. However, unknown to the eye of the unsuspecting lie dangers of aliens that move and mingle along those random lines accustomizing themselves and fitting into the environment.
They watch, learn and pick up the habits of the local populace of any given city, intersperse with the commoners and learn the language of the locals. Much too soon they become one of the populace - a citizen of their city of dwelling, a common face and in a fastidious fashion, a local!
These people with their drive for success and high living become the new generation of elites. Behind the exterior of excellence, they hide the raison d'etre of their aspirations and that of being a by-product of militancy - trained and educated in terrorism. They plan, conclude and execute their aspiration of a much detailed hidden vision outlining their manifesto of terror related activities. Armed with a wealth of education and created in the likelihood of the common man, they wait their time to put forth their plan to action.
It is a known fact that these terrorist are usually harmless and law abiding citizens before they begin their crusade. Trained from young, they are taught to be ready to sacrifice themselves at any given point of time. Their main aim is to detract the visions of the larger community, create a nation of like minded individuals and in doing so kill the opposing factions.
Most times they are brutal in their slander and perceived as ruthless.
These days being days of modern living, it is indeed a jarring wake up call to the atrocities committed by these terrorists. Where have we gone wrong? Even after endless wars, their break up cells multiply in numbers! It is indeed a sad day in history today when we realize that these wars caused by pride, egos and tribal disputes have not aged with time - in fact they have risen with the times.
The spillover effect has now seeped into our Asian society. The region is beseiged with enemies within. Misinformed and easily swayed youths eager to fight with their lives at stake and commissioned with suicidal tendencies are trained and taught to kill at command. They are lured and taught these ideologies of the wicked who instruct and use them for their own agenda. Being young and mostly poor, they begin their journey into martyrdom promised by their teachers of faith, blocking their growth and stay disconnected from society - their minds a slave to false attributes and teachings.
Will it end soon - this endless battle of differences - not until every mind has been educated and reasoned to think equally in terms of respect and tolerance for its diversity. Not until we realize that our time on earth is to nurture and not destroy, to learn and discover, to live in peace and put to practice what we preach. It is indeed sad to see that religion causes strife when all it should do is to bring peace and harmony.
- shobana - 

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