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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chasing New Beginnings

Beech, Beech Leaf, Beech Leaves, Leaves, Nature, Tree

A withered leaf falls, the ground making its claim
To the compost that will enrich it
A start to a new beginning, an end to what's aged and frail

Trickling rain amidst a coral plain
Trailing drops of wafts of dew
Gently falling on tethered falls
On plains hidden by fallen leaves of brown

Once green they lay now in a heap of dirt
Dead and unwanted by the naked eye
For the chagrin that they be heaps of waste
Once a beaut to the eye..

For new beginnings be the death of old
Once treasured and dreamt of like pots of gold
on rainbows that color the clouds
That ageless beginning ray of hope..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be (and that is the question!)

Shakespeare's Globe to Globe HAMLET
19/05/2015 at the Auditorium, Epsom College Malaysia

Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" came to life on the 19/05/2015 at one of the most prestigious Colleges in Malaysia namely the Epsom College in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan.
Being an ardent fan of Shakespeare's literary works, I decided to go to the play with a friend of mine and was taken up with the role play of the actors - their talent and dedication to their portrayal of the characters concerned is much to be appreciated and held in awe.
Indeed, acting is not for the meek hearted as clearly evidenced at the play. Each actor performed to their very best bringing out their characters without fear or flaw.They evidently kept their audience who ranged from adults to little children in a captivated trance till the end of the play.
I had a very engaging night watching the play - one of my firsts.

I love the lines by Hamlet - " To Be or Not To Be " and that is the question. A drudgery of emotions well captured with his increased mindless attributes of mindless anger.
To be or Not To Be is a line that I believe is documented and very often used in literary grandeur and speaks of an emotion that is neither concealing nor subjective - a very confused state of emotive well-being.

It was interesting to watch this tragic play meted out in action and I left the auditorium thinking of Shakespeare and his brilliance in his written verses and playwrights. Some of the most exceptional plays were written by this Master Playwright, Poet and Storyteller and his works to-date still capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A World Without Politics

Image result for free images of politics

I live in a world without politics
and I see a different perspective....

I see no wrinkles caused by worry
I see no race different from mine
I see no religion that preaches values that collide
I see no money that makes me a beggar to wealth
I see no disputes that ends with a crime
And no segregation among each brethren of mine
I see my day with the sunrise and walk in its grace
Free as a single and married to sunset
I walk in the freedom of belonging to all
And relish in the happiness that the world is as large
as my imagination that takes me to the ends of its voyage
I believe in the sanctity of a family that' s one
That nurtures much harmony and trust in each child
Who grows to be cherished and cherish in return
I live my life the way that I want...

Freedom is my name and among the free spirits do I roam!

Allrights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Greatest Gift of All (A Prayer for Mothers)

Image result for free images of a mother with a baby

The Greatest Gift of All (A Prayer for Mothers)

I pray that the beauty of mothers won't fade
In memories made perfect with each day and age

- A mother is there with each trouble and gain
- A mother shows that her child are like stars
  that lights her journey from the day they are born
- A mother that's rare is a mother that takes
  all the aches and sorrows and shares each pain
- A mother's shoulder is the comforting zone
  for a child to lay her head and feel loved all over again
- A mother's words of encouragement is a blessing indeed

I pray that all mothers gifted as such, redeem their heritage
in a child that brings love, hope and faith and is gifted with
the legacy of a future that's blessed..

Happy Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dancing in the Rain

Image result for free images of dancing in the rain

Sometimes when it rains, it falls
Little trickles or a thunderous storm collides
The songs of the past shadowed in storms
Sung by the souls that narrowed a wrong
Struck by a thunderous jolt
Or a lightning that bolts the world

So lets dance in rain
Bringing us patter of its damp
Touching our feet, glossing the street
Let's dance to erase the pain

Sometimes it passes in clouds
Filled to the brim
Washing all sin
Wasting the day of the sun

Through glistening colors
We see the bright light
Passing us on rainbows high

Dance in the rain
Little patter of feet
Trailing in storms that pass..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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