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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A World Without Politics

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I live in a world without politics
and I see a different perspective....

I see no wrinkles caused by worry
I see no race different from mine
I see no religion that preaches values that collide
I see no money that makes me a beggar to wealth
I see no disputes that ends with a crime
And no segregation among each brethren of mine
I see my day with the sunrise and walk in its grace
Free as a single and married to sunset
I walk in the freedom of belonging to all
And relish in the happiness that the world is as large
as my imagination that takes me to the ends of its voyage
I believe in the sanctity of a family that' s one
That nurtures much harmony and trust in each child
Who grows to be cherished and cherish in return
I live my life the way that I want...

Freedom is my name and among the free spirits do I roam!

Allrights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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