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Sunday, May 24, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be (and that is the question!)

Shakespeare's Globe to Globe HAMLET
19/05/2015 at the Auditorium, Epsom College Malaysia

Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" came to life on the 19/05/2015 at one of the most prestigious Colleges in Malaysia namely the Epsom College in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan.
Being an ardent fan of Shakespeare's literary works, I decided to go to the play with a friend of mine and was taken up with the role play of the actors - their talent and dedication to their portrayal of the characters concerned is much to be appreciated and held in awe.
Indeed, acting is not for the meek hearted as clearly evidenced at the play. Each actor performed to their very best bringing out their characters without fear or flaw.They evidently kept their audience who ranged from adults to little children in a captivated trance till the end of the play.
I had a very engaging night watching the play - one of my firsts.

I love the lines by Hamlet - " To Be or Not To Be " and that is the question. A drudgery of emotions well captured with his increased mindless attributes of mindless anger.
To be or Not To Be is a line that I believe is documented and very often used in literary grandeur and speaks of an emotion that is neither concealing nor subjective - a very confused state of emotive well-being.

It was interesting to watch this tragic play meted out in action and I left the auditorium thinking of Shakespeare and his brilliance in his written verses and playwrights. Some of the most exceptional plays were written by this Master Playwright, Poet and Storyteller and his works to-date still capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

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