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Thursday, June 25, 2015

By the Sword of Fools

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One day some fools had an idea
To take over the world by storm
In deceit and secrecy they laid their plans
Their cowardly actions concealed

On the front they appear a passive lot
Their scheme in sabotage and witchcraft brewing in their head
They gather more fools to awaken the dead
And scatter their disgusting plot

They killed some innocents who were great
Their mind unintelligent to comprehend
That the innocents who died for no reason at all
Will someday come to haunt them to hell

They cheat, they lie,they kill, they disguise - these fools
and think they have conquered the world
But an army arose with allies and lieutenants
And pursued these bigoted fools

These innocents, unnumbered that they killed 
In heaven they rose with angel wings to destroy
These foolhardy beings and send their souls 
To the hell that burns with  rage

Their plots uncovered, their deceit lay naked
to the eye of the pursuer of good
And one by one, they die in their curse
and lay in crutches bound in wheelchairs

By their own actions, justice is served
For the same punitive actions are reserved
for them and rotting in jail till they die
A gruesome death for their actions will
not be forgiven by the Lord Most High..

By your own actions to others, the same will be meted out to you
You that hurt the innocent will die by the Sword of Fools
- your own will kill you one day!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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