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Friday, June 12, 2015


HA HA HA HA said the laughing hyena
The sore losers drowned in their own venom
Creating zombies of witch craft and black magic
Their evil now shows in their own disgusting faces

Once thriving in the blood of innocents
They believed that evil repays their dishonest heritage
Their religion a mockery now
They stare dumbfounded and helpless
And is repaid a thousand fold with their folly of un-intelligence

What you do to the innocent
Will one day slap your faces
And languish will you in utter helpless derision
Your once laughing face is now turned to livid monstrous creation
Oh have you forgotten what you do in sinfulness
Like a boomerang will return to you
and pin you to the devil...

Ha ha ha ha said the laughing hyena
Serves you right you bloodhounds of the innocent
What you do today will reap in the hells of burnt offerings
By the devil you stand and face the torturous punishment!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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