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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Surrender the Fool...

Image result for free image of an army surrendering

In war, when doomed - surrender..

Now the evil minds all up in arms
Are running helter- skelter
Now how do I get her "they think"
She seems not to be plundered

I've tried the witchcraft. the sorcery and black magic
I've even sabotaged her????
She seems to be able to swim ashore instead of drowning in the gutter

I'll get my hit-men, but they failed in their plans
to lay her six-feet down under
O dear, O dear, what shall I do now I am sinking in the quagmire!!
The waters are up with sewage and all
Instead it is I who is drowning six foot under

O dear, O dear the army above is watching over her 
God and his army of men are raising satellite dishes
They are watching her plus family and all
And keeping her nestled in their surveillance
They say she is the greatest of all
For saving innocent lives all over

These fools of men with their bandit of men
Who cannot get their act together
A word of advise, if you think at all
You will win this war
Think again if you are equipped with NASA

For the satellites you use
To try to murder these jewels
Are ill-equipped with power

If you know what is good
To salvage the loot
You must think instead with brain matter

Leave the jewels alone, pay what you owe
And take a hike to the devil
And then you may see
Through the tunnel you breed a chance to run for cover..

"No matter what you do to us - you are losing a battle
Your family and next of kin will pay for your folly
and you will die a gory death.
Your hideouts in full view, it is just a matter of time..
What you do unto others - others will do unto you - be warned!!

I might die but the war will rage on and you will die the loser
I will be remembered for my bravery, courage and as a God-fearing Catholic
No-one can change the name I have raised and I am now a World Wonder!!!  " -shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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