Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Hacker's Paradise of Fools

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So they come in all colors and sizes
Women, men and children
They teach their young to live in a fool's paradise
Rich men, fancy cars,  who knows
What cult they belong to...

Sometimes I look at those fancy cars
Hit men's passion so disguised
To a fool they impress
But imagine what gruesome image they contain
Sick in their minds chasing millions
Impressing women with no caliber

Some covered, others daring, these women
They live in the throes of a dark breeding leper
Their time is up and its no wonder
Whatever brain matter they have are in the gutter

The army above is gaining footage
They have in their grasp the fool's leader
But the coolies who live below unaware they carry on
For a penny they murder and is held bondage

It is you, the bomohs and sorcerers 
Who take money for a chance to murder
To show your skill with the satans of evil
The system where justice prevails
Holds you responsible for the gruesome murders
In a court, you are sentenced for murder
while the middlemen escape the gallows - STUPID!!!

The men who drive in those luxurious splendors
Rip the poor with promises of riches
They hide behind facades looking intelligent to the masses
The coolies they put in the frontline
The coolies lose their lives for these plunderers
With fancy cars, mansions and wives of pleasure

So they watch this woman they try to murder
Each day a new plot is discovered
They try to kill and in return is killed in numbers
The wrath of the Lord will soon be outnumbered..

Beware you who live in this fool's paradise
This time around you have gone after the wrong one
and all your actions discovered by millions with NASA
she has a knight in shining armour..
The girl you chase has a multitude behind her
She is protected day and night 
And is given much honor

Know when to recede into your corner
Compensate her and they will release your leader
For what gain is it to you if you lay murdered
along with your wives, children and ladies of pleasure
By the sword of a rising population way high above your mettle
They swarm the skies looking for the hackers
They swarm the skies looking for dirty loafers - like you

Ugly men driving luxurious
Listen to a word of advice
Leave the girl alone and her inhabitants
Use your grey matter to evaluate the situation
If you are losing out on your transactions
Cut the chase, release the girl and run
with your tail between your legs before you
lose out on all your "exemplary" ambition
and go BUST~~ 

This time round they have stumbled upon someone who is as innocent as the sun
They the fools lay scorched by their deeds of evil
Sometimes your actions will catch up with you especially if you have killed without reason
Innocent blood shed will one day burn you to hell
Leave before sundown and reveal the Hackers  - shobana

All rights reserved.Copyright@shobana2015

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