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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loose Cannons Everywhere Now

Image result for free images of a cannon

Have you ever heard of a loose cannon?

Well its either you are a useful cannon or a useless one
It may even be a verbal declaration or just a bunch of nonsense that comes out of your mouth..

Gosh..what a bunch of morons
So now what happens
Do you get knocked about, has the war done any damage?
Any earthquake around the region
Are people blowing up people
Or the crazies (the evil shamans and priests) killing more people
Or are you stalking anyone
Or are you just mindlessly tearing up your money?
Any more rich guys in fancy cars with fancy number plates showing off
Or is the financial sabotage still on
Or maybe there are some trying to pay up for the good of the country!!
Or others trying to run and hide in tunnels
Are they  trying to avoid the satellite police and think that by hiding in tunnels
they are safe??
Any more shouting in the middle of the night
or crying over "nasi sudah menjadi basi" kind a thing

Any more rogue traders or drug mules
Or syndicates run by big fat men with illegal pot bellies

And who is trying to kid who by smiling for the camera
And making it seem that all is ok on the front??

Haven't you learnt anything yet you morons!!
Is your time up
You mean the lady is still living and the gentleman too??

How???After all the black magic and voodoo??

Is there one person in the government who is straight I wonder..

Race, religion, extremism and all wrong doings - you will be accountable
right here on Earth
Death is easy - so just a word of advice, the cannons are already in place
and its going to blow up on your face....

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015

By Satellite You Shall Be Screened & Prosecuted!

Image result for free images of a woman hitting a man

Over and over NASA's men repeated their demands

"If you set the woman and her family and the gentleman with the high standing free
from your syndicates and black magic pariahs and the other fools that follow her
and are caught by them and pay her the compensation - then and only then will they let you go ...you murderers!!!"

They keep trying these murderers to hide their crimes which they stupidly blame on her!!!!
Stupid to stupid, morons they are..They seek the shamans who disguise themselves
but NASA has found many hideouts of theirs and these murderers are given a lashing
their family and all..

They say pay her the money or they won't leave you alone
For NASA's top men are demanding her freedom
From the evil persecution, and financial sabotage
And will stop with no stone un-turned and will capture these murdering thieves..

One by one these murderers are captured
Given a lashing and prosecuted by satellite
For the top of the crop of the world renowned leaders
Fight his and her cases and pass judgement on these creeps..

Murderers of the Century, how brainless can you be
This is what happens when the middlemen are set free
The pick the coolies who are easily manipulated
And use them as the tool to kill the innocent woman and family

The Gentleman has set a trap for them you see
He has the backing of the Intelligence both foreign and home country
The Home Minister is at the centre of interrogation for his part
And so it is only a matter of time, before your turn is up..

Stupid, morons you murderers that are free
The syndicates and gaming outlets are found by satellite you creeps
The woman you try to cheat and kill is innocent
As you follow her, you are followed by the army up above

BY Satellite you shall be screened and prosecuted you bludgeoning pariahs
No one will ever forgive the destruction you have done..

So use whatever brains left in that head of yours up there
And release the woman and her family and the man
Pay her what's due and she will leave this country
With her children and husband and her family if need be...

Otherwise, be prepared to be punished for your folly you evil men
Not one of you will be let go if anything happens to me..

Idiots - how dare you!!! Let me tell you, you will get the same treatment
that you did to me - shamans, sabotage and all..Tear up your money!!!!!!!!!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Here a Sock there a Sock - the boxing gloves dance

Image result for boxing gloves

She heard that the celebrity fighters were in today
Mike Tyson, Mr T with Oprah's people
who caught a few of the shamans on satellite
and watched her come out of her seizures

They smacked the breath out of the stupid shamans
Who are now aching in pain and cannot sustain their magic
They felt the boxing gloves all over their private places
And their sores will never regain unless freedom hails for the lady

Rev. Jackson said a prayer in leading
and in the background Josh Groban sang her favorite song

They socked the faces of the evil looters
And disengaged a full spectre of hackers
Who watched her via their tracking system
What fools they were still unable to discern their status

They carried on their black magic ritual
In spite of the pleas of the Prime Minister
To leave her alone and pay her and be freed by the colonial masters
who had the government at helm in their custody as prisoners

Sometimes the deaf can hear better
Sometimes it takes guts to surrender
But when it comes to the welfare of your own people
Your children, mother and wife you stupid crazies
You make a stand and leave the poor innocent lady
Who has done no harm just like the gentleman who played squash as an afterthought

Just remember, your time is numbered
The clock ticks while your brains stand still 
Dumber than the dumbest you fools of the century

She is hailed as a woman who saved the lives of many
The present generation and the future of the children's children
And a poet extraordinaire who equals the past writers
A worldwide phenomenon she is and loved in trillions
Someday she will be hailed an angel...

O dear O my when the dumb crumbles
Surely goodness and mercy shall prevail in the aftermath..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A bombshell for the tiresome fools

Image result for free image of bombs being dropped from planes

Strange faces some in awe and others evil
Follow her everywhere
They try to show that they are in control of their plans
But as always their stupidity shows
They forget they are targets of the powers that rule

Stupid to stupid, she saw one today
Trying to show her that he is cleverer in his head
Talking on the mobile, trying to intimidate her with his stare
She is not unnerved or bothered in any way

The bombs have hit their target today
NASA found the shamans and the evil bomohs and the priests
She wondered if they ever thought of their brethren in their game plan
The ones who are guilty of sin and who are punished
For trying to take a life without reason 

Stupid to stupid, their families at stake
Their festival takes a back seat in order to cover their backsides
They try to find more evil things to do her and her kin
And the gentleman who has a massive army to back up his claim

Stupid to stupid they are disguised with big names,
And titles but for these weasels murder is their game
The middlemen paid big bucks
The coolies take the blame
And arrested via the Intelligence of Britain, America & France and allies

These warlords are bound by the laws of the US Justice Department
And believe they have found the nest of the dirtiest terrorist
Who are funded by the money of the lottery played by the innocent
They deceive and manipulate  and loot the system for their gain

So stupid are they who think that they aren't discovered in their foolish brains
NASA's satellite had discovered the tracking system the fools used for their plan

These disgusting bunch of hooligans are in for a surprise
The woman and the gentleman are not going to die as in their plan...

If I was in their system and the gentleman and her kin
Then I would have taken the offer of the allies and paid her and ran without leaving a trace..

Now take what they give you stupids of the entire world
You are voted as the jokers the century has ever seen...

I can take the pain and survive in God's name
You will take the blame and die a gory shame...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Stealth Jet Fighter Flies the Skies

Image result for free image of war planes

Zooming in unrestricted skies
The stealth fighter makes its entrance
One by One they disembark
Their target found

Army fatigues with hidden silencers
The make their move into terrorist enclave
The Commander now apprehended 

Unknown to his men, they take him prisoner
Found by satellite detection and NASA's men
A mission dangerous as their protected one
Is kept unharmed in their custody

Their mission to save the lives of the gentleman.
the woman and her family
For she is under tremendous threat
From dirty politicians and the governments
of some Asian continent
The satanic shamans and their like ones
now under the surveillance
Trying to find a way out
They try to kill another time
But fail...

From the Kingdom of Mongolia
The shaman soughts her out
Not one or two but countless cults
And tries so hard to kill her off
Or the hidden truth will be out...

But the woman survives
The gentleman knows the ins and outs
of the culprits...

This is what happens when you kill someone
Who has done no harm to anyone
Someday your sins will wash you down
And you will pay with your life you clown!!

So use your brains
And take a hike
Leave her alone
And pay her price
No matter where you run
You are under the radar of NASA's wires

Bodoh betul....O shaman & bomoh both priest and all
The skies are red
And blood will be shed
Only this time - it will be yours!!!

- shobana -
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What a Dud They Are - Buaya No.3

Image result for free image of a soldier

The soldiers now on the ground
Tracking the weasels hiding underground
In thick bushes and jungles they scout
For the fools in sheep clothes who camouflage their joint

Stupid to stupid they leave their plush houses
Trying to leave the country one by one
Or running to the jungles with their weapons in tow
They think they have a chance to getaway from their foes

When NASA with the gentleman who was one of their target
aligned with forces from Japan to the rest of the world
Their anger now risen from Britain to US and France
begins their forage of capturing big guns
Damn Fools.... how do they think they can win...

ITS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is true when fools have much to hide
Their leader now shamed is tossed aside
They shut their mouths and close their eyes
And hope NASA will leave their hides alone...

What fools galore, what a population of crooks
From the Asian contingent to the European region
They think they have mastered the art of killing
But premature thinking and planning gone wrong
They miscalculated the brilliance of the army of God's men..

They used their hacker, saboteurs to jumble the numbers
But stupid to stupid, the woman is unharmed
No matter what rubbish is put in her soul
The black cat will stumble upon your blood you fools

What a laugh at stupidity
What a sham of an operation
The entire organization running for cover
Do you think NASA is unable to master the system?
They think before they act and they want the real culprit of fools

So they let the hackers feel that they have won against the woman
Whose numbers they rigged with their jungle mentality
You stupid old fools, they are reaching your shores
She's doesn't mind losing the money
But your goons with tear theirs now - one by one..
Oh Lord!!
What a stupid way to die
One by one plus the evil shamans

NASA and the world leaders are surrounding your hideout
And waiting to strike at the opportune moment
Stupid Fools - you give up your people and your soul
To kill someone innocent like the woman and her friend
You rather be tried and hide the truth
Today you will see the backhand of God's army
On your backsides with crossed swords and guns

Oh no..beware you fools what you send to her room
Will come back a hundredfold and haunt your own kin and you
For generations to come..

It is a stupid idea you bodohs of bolehland
To kill the woman now and her friend who ride the skies
For to get close to her, you'll be crucified
With your gang galore
And no matter where you run
They will find your skeleton and skin your bones..

You stupid bodohs of the century with no mind
Your plans are disrupted and lie a sham now
Leave the woman and pay her the dues
At least you will be left alone from the torture they will unfold.

When you deal with stupids, in the end you get plundered!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Coming for the kill - Buaya no.2

Image result for free image of a man killing another man

Well, well, well

So the guru got caught
The middlemen and their leader now trapped in a sewage bound
Their hideout no more
Naked to the Gods of the sky...LOL

The sabotage continues with the hackers who are living in ignorance
With the guru caught, the kutus are trying to make an escape as well
They tried the snake god and got trapped instead

I pray my Lord hears me
The cult and the followers will be slaughtered come what may
You'll see..

Now NASA and his men so wise
They let them go only if the bloodhounds talk
And lead them to the other lepers
Who kill for a living and is paid in black

They wait for their ring-leader
Now beware all
Do not think you can trust them
For they work a two faced job

They'll be nice to you and lay a trap
So that you'll befall the curse too and live a hell
So beware these lecherous breed of evil
Your tongue is forked like the snake you breed

O Lord...

The answer lies in the woman who has escaped
the hell they laid for her
If she is set free and paid in full
You can leave the hell NASA has set for you..

Oh Lord...Jail in the sky..LOL

The most stupid lies with a buck or two
The stupidest is the one who is fooled too
For much more than money is the freedom given
To live a life without fear of being stalked
Trailed from the sky above till death!
Death for All!!!

It is not me that I speak of here
But you O fools of the century
To lose your country because of your evil ways
And be the JOKER the world has ever seen.

Oh Lord.. what have you done

Still the stubborn mule in you tries to recruit more
Evil ones with money lures
Who tries to outdo the last hero
Who is caught in the web of the Masters of the sky - NASA AND ITS ARMY

And The Lord watches with a smile
At the Lady they fail to pay and still try to murder.....

Beware YOU hacking fools and the lepers of black magic voodoo,
the evil priests and bomohs, shamans of every race included

For IF she is killed or her family members too
They have your back up against the walls of destruction..you fools,
tooth for a tooth..

I feel sorry for this country where the bandits rule...

CRIME DOESN'T PAY ME THINKS - LOL...set her free bodohs!!

Allrights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buaya in a Shadow Play

Image result for free image of a buaya

See you later Alligator!!!

Some ride in motorbikes, others in trucks and buses
and then we have the cars who try to make a mark
as feared drivers..

I wonder what they think of themselves!!
A shadow during the day driving in her way
Do they think she is to be fearful of them
Huh.. not in a million years

Well, they have now a shadow
In NASA who controls the skies
Watching their every move
Keeping the lady alive

How inadequate is their judgement
They think they stand to gain
Have they not seen the numbers
Who are dropping dead like flies
and leaving a trail

They play a deadly game
But losing is their forte
No amount of torture on the lady
Will they derive pleasure in their favor

The lady is a tough woman
A Godly spirited one
Let them bring on their population
of deceivers, cheats and saboteurs,
Their temples will be torn down
Their places of worship burnt and ransacked
What they plan on others
Will fall on them instead

Earthquakes never seen before
Will rampage the dreads of evil
Floods and catastrophes
Will destroy your names on Earth
Did you think even your God will stand by your evil
For if you go after innocent blood
Someday you will be devoured by the devil you worship in hell.

The lady's waits her reward
Here on Earth and in Heaven
For what sin has tried to conquer her
Is now waiting at the gateway of hell

It is either you leave by the dozens
And relieve her of your torture
You evil men who plunder
Innocent blood in your hands will suffer
Endless tortures and persecutions
From the Good who govern the skies
Looking at your ashen faces
We believe you are already in hell..

Its too late now to try to get another shot at her
For right now you are being arrested
For the murder of a brilliant mind and his poet who is the best

He is cleaning out the government
Corrupted fools and plunderers
And will stop when this evil
Is ended on their persons

Well, when you start to kill an innocent
and destroy his very soul
And you started the war of evil first
You better be prepared to starve off failure!!

Stupid Fools -  there is no excuse to kill an innocent
May you rot in hell!!
Take what you deserve and be prepared for the worst
For you will suffer the same fate
And much more than you think you would.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some Believed and Some Did Not and the Others...Oh God!!

Image result for free image of a tired looking man

And so these nincompoops did the most tiring thing
"Or so thought the beautiful woman"..sigh
They went ahead and got more brainless tramps
And there began another middle-men tactic

The middle men king because of their sting
of their comrades of Tan Sri's, Datuks and Tun's!!
They began their tirade with other brainless gangs
and started another try at murder..
They sought new shamans, evil priests and bomohs
And got a few women sidekicks
And continued where the others failed at their attempts
and who are now nursing their wounds in public..ha..ha..ha

O what a bother, they didn't adhere to the stop order
For their dirty linen now addressed in public
They should have stopped altogether
At the first sign of trouble
And considered paying the amount sought after

The woman's friends all over the continent
Great Super Powers and the leaders of the world
Warned the fools much earlier
Not to play with fire
Cause the Intelligence they were with Interpol
and the Justice Departments they were busy
with the mammoth filth uncovered!

Names of high places who were involved in her attempted murder
and the entrepreneur friend they didn't manage to kill..bless his soul!
Are now placed under arrest and apprehended.
Now why didn't they clamber when the Intelligence threw
them an offer
Is beyond comprehension of the woman..!?

A lesson to be learnt here
When you have filth in your backyard
Don't test the intelligence of your masters
especially if their powers suppercedes your ability
At the first crack of dawn
Run for cover
Make an offer
And make the pay off before too late!

For these loafers who sabotaged her and disrupted her life
with her family, owes her much money owed in billions today!!
Cause the Intelligence has closed the case via NASA's satellite
running into massive payout and is taking punitive actions
on the culprits!!
ha..ha...ha..ha..show her the money!!!!ha..ha..ha..ha..

The load you are about to carry you stupid fools will never
disappear no matter if I am dead and buried!
God walks with me....

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Crazies' Next Moves...

Crazy Macaw Stock Photo - 20781620Crazy Macaw Stock Photo - 20781620
Crazy Macaw

"Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you"

Little did those crazies know that their every action and words follow
them even in death..

So these witch doctors, bomohs, shamans and evil priests
Tried and tried really hard to kill this woman.
They cast their spells and with poison tongues
lie and deceived the foolish brainless followers
Children, grandchildren, wives and old
They believed in their vicious lies and are deceived with gold

They walk the streets and pretend to be nice
But they lay a watch for this woman beguiled
They try to rid her for their Master now bound in hell
Is held captive by the woman's friends and leaders of the world

Through NASA's satellite they discovered these vile men
and women disguised in a garb of covered crap

For what use is it to pretend to be pious
When you kill an innocent with thoughts of vile breeding

NASA's men on satellite beams
They hear and attack these breeds of lepers that hiss
NASA discovers their secrets and plans they unfold

Hiss like snakes they breed a terror plot
To lie an ambush for the woman and her friend who is a famed entrepreneur
His brilliant mind worked out a marvelous plan
He got the kings men and an army of white knights
To ride the sky and track the satan minds

They put out their radar and started on their mission
To save this woman who has a name above all woman
A poet who is renowned throughout the whole world
A target of terror, of sabotage and black magic evil

This woman who is Godly is saved every night
By NASA and the Almighty God above High

Oh dear, Oh dear, what have you got into
You will die the same death and a gory one too

Your young will eat you, the worms will destroy you
and before you know it, you'll be a wheelchair bound goo...

In life, you live the good life, for what good is evil when
it destroys your own soul - shobana

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