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Saturday, July 18, 2015

A bombshell for the tiresome fools

Image result for free image of bombs being dropped from planes

Strange faces some in awe and others evil
Follow her everywhere
They try to show that they are in control of their plans
But as always their stupidity shows
They forget they are targets of the powers that rule

Stupid to stupid, she saw one today
Trying to show her that he is cleverer in his head
Talking on the mobile, trying to intimidate her with his stare
She is not unnerved or bothered in any way

The bombs have hit their target today
NASA found the shamans and the evil bomohs and the priests
She wondered if they ever thought of their brethren in their game plan
The ones who are guilty of sin and who are punished
For trying to take a life without reason 

Stupid to stupid, their families at stake
Their festival takes a back seat in order to cover their backsides
They try to find more evil things to do her and her kin
And the gentleman who has a massive army to back up his claim

Stupid to stupid they are disguised with big names,
And titles but for these weasels murder is their game
The middlemen paid big bucks
The coolies take the blame
And arrested via the Intelligence of Britain, America & France and allies

These warlords are bound by the laws of the US Justice Department
And believe they have found the nest of the dirtiest terrorist
Who are funded by the money of the lottery played by the innocent
They deceive and manipulate  and loot the system for their gain

So stupid are they who think that they aren't discovered in their foolish brains
NASA's satellite had discovered the tracking system the fools used for their plan

These disgusting bunch of hooligans are in for a surprise
The woman and the gentleman are not going to die as in their plan...

If I was in their system and the gentleman and her kin
Then I would have taken the offer of the allies and paid her and ran without leaving a trace..

Now take what they give you stupids of the entire world
You are voted as the jokers the century has ever seen...

I can take the pain and survive in God's name
You will take the blame and die a gory shame...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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