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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buaya in a Shadow Play

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See you later Alligator!!!

Some ride in motorbikes, others in trucks and buses
and then we have the cars who try to make a mark
as feared drivers..

I wonder what they think of themselves!!
A shadow during the day driving in her way
Do they think she is to be fearful of them
Huh.. not in a million years

Well, they have now a shadow
In NASA who controls the skies
Watching their every move
Keeping the lady alive

How inadequate is their judgement
They think they stand to gain
Have they not seen the numbers
Who are dropping dead like flies
and leaving a trail

They play a deadly game
But losing is their forte
No amount of torture on the lady
Will they derive pleasure in their favor

The lady is a tough woman
A Godly spirited one
Let them bring on their population
of deceivers, cheats and saboteurs,
Their temples will be torn down
Their places of worship burnt and ransacked
What they plan on others
Will fall on them instead

Earthquakes never seen before
Will rampage the dreads of evil
Floods and catastrophes
Will destroy your names on Earth
Did you think even your God will stand by your evil
For if you go after innocent blood
Someday you will be devoured by the devil you worship in hell.

The lady's waits her reward
Here on Earth and in Heaven
For what sin has tried to conquer her
Is now waiting at the gateway of hell

It is either you leave by the dozens
And relieve her of your torture
You evil men who plunder
Innocent blood in your hands will suffer
Endless tortures and persecutions
From the Good who govern the skies
Looking at your ashen faces
We believe you are already in hell..

Its too late now to try to get another shot at her
For right now you are being arrested
For the murder of a brilliant mind and his poet who is the best

He is cleaning out the government
Corrupted fools and plunderers
And will stop when this evil
Is ended on their persons

Well, when you start to kill an innocent
and destroy his very soul
And you started the war of evil first
You better be prepared to starve off failure!!

Stupid Fools -  there is no excuse to kill an innocent
May you rot in hell!!
Take what you deserve and be prepared for the worst
For you will suffer the same fate
And much more than you think you would.

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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