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Thursday, July 23, 2015

By Satellite You Shall Be Screened & Prosecuted!

Image result for free images of a woman hitting a man

Over and over NASA's men repeated their demands

"If you set the woman and her family and the gentleman with the high standing free
from your syndicates and black magic pariahs and the other fools that follow her
and are caught by them and pay her the compensation - then and only then will they let you go ...you murderers!!!"

They keep trying these murderers to hide their crimes which they stupidly blame on her!!!!
Stupid to stupid, morons they are..They seek the shamans who disguise themselves
but NASA has found many hideouts of theirs and these murderers are given a lashing
their family and all..

They say pay her the money or they won't leave you alone
For NASA's top men are demanding her freedom
From the evil persecution, and financial sabotage
And will stop with no stone un-turned and will capture these murdering thieves..

One by one these murderers are captured
Given a lashing and prosecuted by satellite
For the top of the crop of the world renowned leaders
Fight his and her cases and pass judgement on these creeps..

Murderers of the Century, how brainless can you be
This is what happens when the middlemen are set free
The pick the coolies who are easily manipulated
And use them as the tool to kill the innocent woman and family

The Gentleman has set a trap for them you see
He has the backing of the Intelligence both foreign and home country
The Home Minister is at the centre of interrogation for his part
And so it is only a matter of time, before your turn is up..

Stupid, morons you murderers that are free
The syndicates and gaming outlets are found by satellite you creeps
The woman you try to cheat and kill is innocent
As you follow her, you are followed by the army up above

BY Satellite you shall be screened and prosecuted you bludgeoning pariahs
No one will ever forgive the destruction you have done..

So use whatever brains left in that head of yours up there
And release the woman and her family and the man
Pay her what's due and she will leave this country
With her children and husband and her family if need be...

Otherwise, be prepared to be punished for your folly you evil men
Not one of you will be let go if anything happens to me..

Idiots - how dare you!!! Let me tell you, you will get the same treatment
that you did to me - shamans, sabotage and all..Tear up your money!!!!!!!!!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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