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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Coming for the kill - Buaya no.2

Image result for free image of a man killing another man

Well, well, well

So the guru got caught
The middlemen and their leader now trapped in a sewage bound
Their hideout no more
Naked to the Gods of the sky...LOL

The sabotage continues with the hackers who are living in ignorance
With the guru caught, the kutus are trying to make an escape as well
They tried the snake god and got trapped instead

I pray my Lord hears me
The cult and the followers will be slaughtered come what may
You'll see..

Now NASA and his men so wise
They let them go only if the bloodhounds talk
And lead them to the other lepers
Who kill for a living and is paid in black

They wait for their ring-leader
Now beware all
Do not think you can trust them
For they work a two faced job

They'll be nice to you and lay a trap
So that you'll befall the curse too and live a hell
So beware these lecherous breed of evil
Your tongue is forked like the snake you breed

O Lord...

The answer lies in the woman who has escaped
the hell they laid for her
If she is set free and paid in full
You can leave the hell NASA has set for you..

Oh Lord...Jail in the sky..LOL

The most stupid lies with a buck or two
The stupidest is the one who is fooled too
For much more than money is the freedom given
To live a life without fear of being stalked
Trailed from the sky above till death!
Death for All!!!

It is not me that I speak of here
But you O fools of the century
To lose your country because of your evil ways
And be the JOKER the world has ever seen.

Oh Lord.. what have you done

Still the stubborn mule in you tries to recruit more
Evil ones with money lures
Who tries to outdo the last hero
Who is caught in the web of the Masters of the sky - NASA AND ITS ARMY

And The Lord watches with a smile
At the Lady they fail to pay and still try to murder.....

Beware YOU hacking fools and the lepers of black magic voodoo,
the evil priests and bomohs, shamans of every race included

For IF she is killed or her family members too
They have your back up against the walls of destruction..you fools,
tooth for a tooth..

I feel sorry for this country where the bandits rule...

CRIME DOESN'T PAY ME THINKS - LOL...set her free bodohs!!

Allrights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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