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Monday, July 6, 2015

Crazies' Next Moves...

Crazy Macaw Stock Photo - 20781620Crazy Macaw Stock Photo - 20781620
Crazy Macaw

"Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you"

Little did those crazies know that their every action and words follow
them even in death..

So these witch doctors, bomohs, shamans and evil priests
Tried and tried really hard to kill this woman.
They cast their spells and with poison tongues
lie and deceived the foolish brainless followers
Children, grandchildren, wives and old
They believed in their vicious lies and are deceived with gold

They walk the streets and pretend to be nice
But they lay a watch for this woman beguiled
They try to rid her for their Master now bound in hell
Is held captive by the woman's friends and leaders of the world

Through NASA's satellite they discovered these vile men
and women disguised in a garb of covered crap

For what use is it to pretend to be pious
When you kill an innocent with thoughts of vile breeding

NASA's men on satellite beams
They hear and attack these breeds of lepers that hiss
NASA discovers their secrets and plans they unfold

Hiss like snakes they breed a terror plot
To lie an ambush for the woman and her friend who is a famed entrepreneur
His brilliant mind worked out a marvelous plan
He got the kings men and an army of white knights
To ride the sky and track the satan minds

They put out their radar and started on their mission
To save this woman who has a name above all woman
A poet who is renowned throughout the whole world
A target of terror, of sabotage and black magic evil

This woman who is Godly is saved every night
By NASA and the Almighty God above High

Oh dear, Oh dear, what have you got into
You will die the same death and a gory one too

Your young will eat you, the worms will destroy you
and before you know it, you'll be a wheelchair bound goo...

In life, you live the good life, for what good is evil when
it destroys your own soul - shobana

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