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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Here a Sock there a Sock - the boxing gloves dance

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She heard that the celebrity fighters were in today
Mike Tyson, Mr T with Oprah's people
who caught a few of the shamans on satellite
and watched her come out of her seizures

They smacked the breath out of the stupid shamans
Who are now aching in pain and cannot sustain their magic
They felt the boxing gloves all over their private places
And their sores will never regain unless freedom hails for the lady

Rev. Jackson said a prayer in leading
and in the background Josh Groban sang her favorite song

They socked the faces of the evil looters
And disengaged a full spectre of hackers
Who watched her via their tracking system
What fools they were still unable to discern their status

They carried on their black magic ritual
In spite of the pleas of the Prime Minister
To leave her alone and pay her and be freed by the colonial masters
who had the government at helm in their custody as prisoners

Sometimes the deaf can hear better
Sometimes it takes guts to surrender
But when it comes to the welfare of your own people
Your children, mother and wife you stupid crazies
You make a stand and leave the poor innocent lady
Who has done no harm just like the gentleman who played squash as an afterthought

Just remember, your time is numbered
The clock ticks while your brains stand still 
Dumber than the dumbest you fools of the century

She is hailed as a woman who saved the lives of many
The present generation and the future of the children's children
And a poet extraordinaire who equals the past writers
A worldwide phenomenon she is and loved in trillions
Someday she will be hailed an angel...

O dear O my when the dumb crumbles
Surely goodness and mercy shall prevail in the aftermath..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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