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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loose Cannons Everywhere Now

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Have you ever heard of a loose cannon?

Well its either you are a useful cannon or a useless one
It may even be a verbal declaration or just a bunch of nonsense that comes out of your mouth..

Gosh..what a bunch of morons
So now what happens
Do you get knocked about, has the war done any damage?
Any earthquake around the region
Are people blowing up people
Or the crazies (the evil shamans and priests) killing more people
Or are you stalking anyone
Or are you just mindlessly tearing up your money?
Any more rich guys in fancy cars with fancy number plates showing off
Or is the financial sabotage still on
Or maybe there are some trying to pay up for the good of the country!!
Or others trying to run and hide in tunnels
Are they  trying to avoid the satellite police and think that by hiding in tunnels
they are safe??
Any more shouting in the middle of the night
or crying over "nasi sudah menjadi basi" kind a thing

Any more rogue traders or drug mules
Or syndicates run by big fat men with illegal pot bellies

And who is trying to kid who by smiling for the camera
And making it seem that all is ok on the front??

Haven't you learnt anything yet you morons!!
Is your time up
You mean the lady is still living and the gentleman too??

How???After all the black magic and voodoo??

Is there one person in the government who is straight I wonder..

Race, religion, extremism and all wrong doings - you will be accountable
right here on Earth
Death is easy - so just a word of advice, the cannons are already in place
and its going to blow up on your face....

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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