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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some Believed and Some Did Not and the Others...Oh God!!

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And so these nincompoops did the most tiring thing
"Or so thought the beautiful woman"..sigh
They went ahead and got more brainless tramps
And there began another middle-men tactic

The middle men king because of their sting
of their comrades of Tan Sri's, Datuks and Tun's!!
They began their tirade with other brainless gangs
and started another try at murder..
They sought new shamans, evil priests and bomohs
And got a few women sidekicks
And continued where the others failed at their attempts
and who are now nursing their wounds in public..ha..ha..ha

O what a bother, they didn't adhere to the stop order
For their dirty linen now addressed in public
They should have stopped altogether
At the first sign of trouble
And considered paying the amount sought after

The woman's friends all over the continent
Great Super Powers and the leaders of the world
Warned the fools much earlier
Not to play with fire
Cause the Intelligence they were with Interpol
and the Justice Departments they were busy
with the mammoth filth uncovered!

Names of high places who were involved in her attempted murder
and the entrepreneur friend they didn't manage to kill..bless his soul!
Are now placed under arrest and apprehended.
Now why didn't they clamber when the Intelligence threw
them an offer
Is beyond comprehension of the woman..!?

A lesson to be learnt here
When you have filth in your backyard
Don't test the intelligence of your masters
especially if their powers suppercedes your ability
At the first crack of dawn
Run for cover
Make an offer
And make the pay off before too late!

For these loafers who sabotaged her and disrupted her life
with her family, owes her much money owed in billions today!!
Cause the Intelligence has closed the case via NASA's satellite
running into massive payout and is taking punitive actions
on the culprits!!
ha..ha...ha..ha..show her the money!!!!ha..ha..ha..ha..

The load you are about to carry you stupid fools will never
disappear no matter if I am dead and buried!
God walks with me....

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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