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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Stealth Jet Fighter Flies the Skies

Image result for free image of war planes

Zooming in unrestricted skies
The stealth fighter makes its entrance
One by One they disembark
Their target found

Army fatigues with hidden silencers
The make their move into terrorist enclave
The Commander now apprehended 

Unknown to his men, they take him prisoner
Found by satellite detection and NASA's men
A mission dangerous as their protected one
Is kept unharmed in their custody

Their mission to save the lives of the gentleman.
the woman and her family
For she is under tremendous threat
From dirty politicians and the governments
of some Asian continent
The satanic shamans and their like ones
now under the surveillance
Trying to find a way out
They try to kill another time
But fail...

From the Kingdom of Mongolia
The shaman soughts her out
Not one or two but countless cults
And tries so hard to kill her off
Or the hidden truth will be out...

But the woman survives
The gentleman knows the ins and outs
of the culprits...

This is what happens when you kill someone
Who has done no harm to anyone
Someday your sins will wash you down
And you will pay with your life you clown!!

So use your brains
And take a hike
Leave her alone
And pay her price
No matter where you run
You are under the radar of NASA's wires

Bodoh betul....O shaman & bomoh both priest and all
The skies are red
And blood will be shed
Only this time - it will be yours!!!

- shobana -
All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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