Sunday, July 12, 2015

What a Dud They Are - Buaya No.3

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The soldiers now on the ground
Tracking the weasels hiding underground
In thick bushes and jungles they scout
For the fools in sheep clothes who camouflage their joint

Stupid to stupid they leave their plush houses
Trying to leave the country one by one
Or running to the jungles with their weapons in tow
They think they have a chance to getaway from their foes

When NASA with the gentleman who was one of their target
aligned with forces from Japan to the rest of the world
Their anger now risen from Britain to US and France
begins their forage of capturing big guns
Damn Fools.... how do they think they can win...

ITS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is true when fools have much to hide
Their leader now shamed is tossed aside
They shut their mouths and close their eyes
And hope NASA will leave their hides alone...

What fools galore, what a population of crooks
From the Asian contingent to the European region
They think they have mastered the art of killing
But premature thinking and planning gone wrong
They miscalculated the brilliance of the army of God's men..

They used their hacker, saboteurs to jumble the numbers
But stupid to stupid, the woman is unharmed
No matter what rubbish is put in her soul
The black cat will stumble upon your blood you fools

What a laugh at stupidity
What a sham of an operation
The entire organization running for cover
Do you think NASA is unable to master the system?
They think before they act and they want the real culprit of fools

So they let the hackers feel that they have won against the woman
Whose numbers they rigged with their jungle mentality
You stupid old fools, they are reaching your shores
She's doesn't mind losing the money
But your goons with tear theirs now - one by one..
Oh Lord!!
What a stupid way to die
One by one plus the evil shamans

NASA and the world leaders are surrounding your hideout
And waiting to strike at the opportune moment
Stupid Fools - you give up your people and your soul
To kill someone innocent like the woman and her friend
You rather be tried and hide the truth
Today you will see the backhand of God's army
On your backsides with crossed swords and guns

Oh no..beware you fools what you send to her room
Will come back a hundredfold and haunt your own kin and you
For generations to come..

It is a stupid idea you bodohs of bolehland
To kill the woman now and her friend who ride the skies
For to get close to her, you'll be crucified
With your gang galore
And no matter where you run
They will find your skeleton and skin your bones..

You stupid bodohs of the century with no mind
Your plans are disrupted and lie a sham now
Leave the woman and pay her the dues
At least you will be left alone from the torture they will unfold.

When you deal with stupids, in the end you get plundered!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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