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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Name with the Stars

Image result for free image of a

Free as a bird with nothing to hide
She watches the sea-gulls fly against the tide
Blotched painting inspired by the sea
An umbrella red stands shades with the trees

The horizon of blue that matches his eyes
He waits for her to be beside
Against the world like a troubled sea
He waits his turn for to her to breathe a sigh

O beauty thy name is in heaven tonight
It was there the day that you were born
When the stars come out on nights
They claim a stake
Of your beautiful name and sends it to sea

The sea in turn just nurtures the tides
And each wave is catapulted with pride
The name of one so dear is high
Just like the waves that reach the sky..

O beauty thy name is clearly bright
And remains with us so dear in our heart...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Staying Alive

Image result for free images of staying alive

Staying Alive - the Bee Gees comes to mind...

It is a wonderful world out there
When sometimes the river meets a bend and still flows in a determined trend
To reach the sea and mingle with the stars of the deep

To stay alive in a tragic world gone wrong
Where the deep is full of bloodshed and criminals run around
The only masked person other than the victim is the hidden bloodhound
diving in with the crowd

How do you stay alive
When in pursuit 
When your time is truly not up
Doesn't the Commandment say "Do Not Kill"
Or isn't it of value anymore

Does integrity count in our world
Or do the wicked join hands to play a wicked game
Where the victim is sought out albeit innocent
Just because they don't understand the logic of truth

Some kill to hide the truth and others to hide a lie
Some dance to the music of the snake charmer
Filled in pockets with dollars
Some sell their soul to the devil
Some just flourish in their crimes

But time doesn't always favor the tide
Someday when you are not watching
The angel of death will come passing by
And take the souls of its followers with great pride
For the in house of hell
The criminal has fulfilled each commandment of the vile
and joins the ranks of evil that burn with unceasing fire..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When News Makes Or Breaks

Image result for free image of a newsstand

Sometimes news spread like wild-fire
Sensational and quickly ignited
Have you ever intended publicity or even recognition?

Behind the newsstand the caretaker stands
Juggling between customers and onlookers that stare
Pages of news that make the headline of the day
Some just wanting to see the next Ms.Universe take her stage

Every bit the of page is dedicated to that glare
A simple information or an intrinsic murder is made aware
The politics of a nation is definitely with much interest shared
It makes or breaks its reputation and the public is not spared

So take great care in the news that makes a page
Integrity and commission be the Nation's breed
Onlookers and disgruntlers contribute to the added edge
You either wear a Nation's badge in pride or wear it in despair

In Life you have to tread with care 
What kind of legacy you leave behind is a thought that you engrave
Never wear a badge of dishonor of any kind
Someday it will stake you out and claim its valid ground
A man of disrepute is a hindrance in a crowd

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ring, Ring, Ring - the pink telephone rings...

Image result for free image of a telephone

Just a call away - Is it me you're looking for??

Sitting sipping champagne
Looking at the phone at hand
Talking in the silence of the ambiance
Of a rustic bar in the oldest part of the world

Do the mafia have inspiration
Or do they kill to be heard
Do they play wild black magic
On their victims like the serpent

Singing alleluia, the riddle is open
For the maze of the secrets unfold 
They lay bare master thieves, bookies and cheats
And single handedly they have exposed the guilt

For crooks of the century
Lay exposed and naked
It will take generations before their crime is forgotten

They will leave behind legacies
Of the most treacherous evil
And besieged with bad karma for generations
Fools they are, if they cannot see
That their children and the future will remember their deeds
One that is shameful to even mention
One that is also the laughing stock of the world

It will be noted down in the history of mankind
That the fools of the century were born of this town........

Ring, Ring, the pink telephone rings!!!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

As Long as the Roses Bloom

Image result for free image of a garden of roses

As long as the roses bloom

Sometimes God works in such mysterious ways
Each time I cry out to him, my burden he claims
For my life I lay once before in his hands
And from then on he led in spite of all the wicked plans

They lay traps for us, one sometimes that fail us
But each time I am tread upon
I am lifted up once again

God my king, my savior reign
For my life is now at rest at last...

All rights reserved.Copyright@shobana2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peace For Change

Peace For Change (by shobana)

Image result for free image of the rising sun

I know what peace is
when the sun rises each morning
and there is a calm notwithstanding the sudden rush of clouds
opening to welcome its rays

As it moves with the wind in tow
I believe that the motion is bereaved of cold
There is a warm understanding
That the sun is at its best – glistening within the earth’s core

I rode on that cloud once
With the sun behind me, laughing at the breeze
And caressing my face in delight
I knew then of infinite peace

I dream of that peace which has now forsaken me
Striving so hard to capture that moment of carefree
Knowing I am safe and loved you see
With no disguises to mar that childish glee

I vote now for days of peace
For change to take place in this world of much adversity
For no longer is a child born to a safe reprieve
The world chokes its freedom in many degrees

I ask for my right to peace
From the Beholder to the man on the street
For I have my freedom at stake, a precious commodity that I grieve
And I ask for my birthright which I have lost somewhere in between...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Well What A Story...

Image result for free image of a dollar

Maybe the sequence is all wrong
One that cannot be understood by the morons

Well we have a lady, a gentleman and her family
Who are targets of a mob of blood thirsty murderers
Who will by any means dispose of these people
Because their plans have gone wrong in all places

We have the black magic dungus
And the syndicates with middle-men including
And of course the saboteurs and the hit-men
Not to mention  a bunch of mobsters and their low IQ followers
Who carry out their orders thinking them Godly
For a few pennies they have relinquished whatever brain-matter

Now we have on the other side
The Intelligence, Interpol and Justice Department
working with the Police Di Raja
And all the agencies of the world order
Tracking and following targets that come near her
Those who want her dead because their crime is uncovered
Still not comprehending that she is the innocent target
And these fools think that by killing her, they will be let off scott free of their intention to murder

But fools like these are brainless in their operation
They still hold on to their disrupted power
Their operations now in jeopardy
They cannot go ahead with the said murder
And still and still they make mistakes again and again
The same mistakes of amateurs
Of what stupidity do they represent their numbers
who are suffering the consequences of their foolhardy actions
They have jeopardised their own operation for narcissism

Fools of the paradise they represent
Maybe they want to read this story
And find out what the lady thinks in detail
Or what she has to say each day of the lottery
By changing her numbers and stopping her payments..

Someday you will learn that arrogance and stupidity go together - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Joker of the Century - the saga resumes

Image result for free image of a joker


The Joker of the Century
Kept a sentry of guards
And tried to outdo the brains of the universe
But instead got stuck

They brought down the House of the Lords
And Struck a million bucks
With the joker just mulling about what to do with her buck
She was the reason why
They were brought down in ranks
But a seasoned beauty she was
She disguised her fans

They came from far and above
The universe's alma mater
They concluded the gigantic amount owed to her
One they cannot counter-offer

The joker and his team
Was in a turmoil once again
When the gentleman decided he would make a deliberate claim

Now when you try to kill someone
Make sure you don't leave a witness
For today your back is stabbed by the ones you trusted to be your villian
Your plans and your stake now in doldrums
Would you use your brain matter please
Is a question the lady and gentleman and the universe is desiring


She is still alive you nitwits
And she won't die till you are taken piece by piece for your malicious deeds of trying to kill her, the gentleman and her family !!!

They say it is the Premier and his wife and their witchcraft team!!!
Oh Bother!!!

I will get you and survive to tell
So run before you are discovered and put in hell!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

An enchantment to die for......

Image result for free image of italy

Majestic, beautiful and amorous
Sometimes the buildings speak the language of the inhabitants
Italy.. in view - just gorgeous!

And so the saga continues...
It's hard when one is held ransom, hostage
They move within the boundaries of those in power
Superpowers are not of the governments they say
Nor the leaders who run countries
Albeit the powers of great strength they may be

Superpowers are those that run the world
Churning out the needs of the population of the world
and they rule every aspect of the economy
Lives of the people are ruled by their support sometimes
and sometimes they can overthrow governments.. it is said

Most times they are born into poverty and make great strides as a success of the world
So they have their own thoughts and more often than not they despise killings of innocent
Especially of those who are not in any way linked politically 
Entrepreneurship and discoveries make them a force to be reckoned with..

They have the money to root out evil and the power to condemn the killers and 
bring them to book...They are on your trail you morons!

And with every day that is late in payment, more and more tortures are inflicted
and more caught with their pants down!

I survived another massacre - what do you have more in mind I wonder
The coward in you gets the better of you
The fighter in me gets the better of me
I have these astronomical backings and of the local police too - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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