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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Joker of the Century - the saga resumes

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The Joker of the Century
Kept a sentry of guards
And tried to outdo the brains of the universe
But instead got stuck

They brought down the House of the Lords
And Struck a million bucks
With the joker just mulling about what to do with her buck
She was the reason why
They were brought down in ranks
But a seasoned beauty she was
She disguised her fans

They came from far and above
The universe's alma mater
They concluded the gigantic amount owed to her
One they cannot counter-offer

The joker and his team
Was in a turmoil once again
When the gentleman decided he would make a deliberate claim

Now when you try to kill someone
Make sure you don't leave a witness
For today your back is stabbed by the ones you trusted to be your villian
Your plans and your stake now in doldrums
Would you use your brain matter please
Is a question the lady and gentleman and the universe is desiring


She is still alive you nitwits
And she won't die till you are taken piece by piece for your malicious deeds of trying to kill her, the gentleman and her family !!!

They say it is the Premier and his wife and their witchcraft team!!!
Oh Bother!!!

I will get you and survive to tell
So run before you are discovered and put in hell!


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