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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peace For Change

Peace For Change (by shobana)

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I know what peace is
when the sun rises each morning
and there is a calm notwithstanding the sudden rush of clouds
opening to welcome its rays

As it moves with the wind in tow
I believe that the motion is bereaved of cold
There is a warm understanding
That the sun is at its best – glistening within the earth’s core

I rode on that cloud once
With the sun behind me, laughing at the breeze
And caressing my face in delight
I knew then of infinite peace

I dream of that peace which has now forsaken me
Striving so hard to capture that moment of carefree
Knowing I am safe and loved you see
With no disguises to mar that childish glee

I vote now for days of peace
For change to take place in this world of much adversity
For no longer is a child born to a safe reprieve
The world chokes its freedom in many degrees

I ask for my right to peace
From the Beholder to the man on the street
For I have my freedom at stake, a precious commodity that I grieve
And I ask for my birthright which I have lost somewhere in between...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015


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