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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ring, Ring, Ring - the pink telephone rings...

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Just a call away - Is it me you're looking for??

Sitting sipping champagne
Looking at the phone at hand
Talking in the silence of the ambiance
Of a rustic bar in the oldest part of the world

Do the mafia have inspiration
Or do they kill to be heard
Do they play wild black magic
On their victims like the serpent

Singing alleluia, the riddle is open
For the maze of the secrets unfold 
They lay bare master thieves, bookies and cheats
And single handedly they have exposed the guilt

For crooks of the century
Lay exposed and naked
It will take generations before their crime is forgotten

They will leave behind legacies
Of the most treacherous evil
And besieged with bad karma for generations
Fools they are, if they cannot see
That their children and the future will remember their deeds
One that is shameful to even mention
One that is also the laughing stock of the world

It will be noted down in the history of mankind
That the fools of the century were born of this town........

Ring, Ring, the pink telephone rings!!!

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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