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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Staying Alive

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Staying Alive - the Bee Gees comes to mind...

It is a wonderful world out there
When sometimes the river meets a bend and still flows in a determined trend
To reach the sea and mingle with the stars of the deep

To stay alive in a tragic world gone wrong
Where the deep is full of bloodshed and criminals run around
The only masked person other than the victim is the hidden bloodhound
diving in with the crowd

How do you stay alive
When in pursuit 
When your time is truly not up
Doesn't the Commandment say "Do Not Kill"
Or isn't it of value anymore

Does integrity count in our world
Or do the wicked join hands to play a wicked game
Where the victim is sought out albeit innocent
Just because they don't understand the logic of truth

Some kill to hide the truth and others to hide a lie
Some dance to the music of the snake charmer
Filled in pockets with dollars
Some sell their soul to the devil
Some just flourish in their crimes

But time doesn't always favor the tide
Someday when you are not watching
The angel of death will come passing by
And take the souls of its followers with great pride
For the in house of hell
The criminal has fulfilled each commandment of the vile
and joins the ranks of evil that burn with unceasing fire..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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