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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Well What A Story...

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Maybe the sequence is all wrong
One that cannot be understood by the morons

Well we have a lady, a gentleman and her family
Who are targets of a mob of blood thirsty murderers
Who will by any means dispose of these people
Because their plans have gone wrong in all places

We have the black magic dungus
And the syndicates with middle-men including
And of course the saboteurs and the hit-men
Not to mention  a bunch of mobsters and their low IQ followers
Who carry out their orders thinking them Godly
For a few pennies they have relinquished whatever brain-matter

Now we have on the other side
The Intelligence, Interpol and Justice Department
working with the Police Di Raja
And all the agencies of the world order
Tracking and following targets that come near her
Those who want her dead because their crime is uncovered
Still not comprehending that she is the innocent target
And these fools think that by killing her, they will be let off scott free of their intention to murder

But fools like these are brainless in their operation
They still hold on to their disrupted power
Their operations now in jeopardy
They cannot go ahead with the said murder
And still and still they make mistakes again and again
The same mistakes of amateurs
Of what stupidity do they represent their numbers
who are suffering the consequences of their foolhardy actions
They have jeopardised their own operation for narcissism

Fools of the paradise they represent
Maybe they want to read this story
And find out what the lady thinks in detail
Or what she has to say each day of the lottery
By changing her numbers and stopping her payments..

Someday you will learn that arrogance and stupidity go together - shobana

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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