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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When News Makes Or Breaks

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Sometimes news spread like wild-fire
Sensational and quickly ignited
Have you ever intended publicity or even recognition?

Behind the newsstand the caretaker stands
Juggling between customers and onlookers that stare
Pages of news that make the headline of the day
Some just wanting to see the next Ms.Universe take her stage

Every bit the of page is dedicated to that glare
A simple information or an intrinsic murder is made aware
The politics of a nation is definitely with much interest shared
It makes or breaks its reputation and the public is not spared

So take great care in the news that makes a page
Integrity and commission be the Nation's breed
Onlookers and disgruntlers contribute to the added edge
You either wear a Nation's badge in pride or wear it in despair

In Life you have to tread with care 
What kind of legacy you leave behind is a thought that you engrave
Never wear a badge of dishonor of any kind
Someday it will stake you out and claim its valid ground
A man of disrepute is a hindrance in a crowd

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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