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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 16, 1963

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Have you ever wondered at the latitude and the longitude of the Globe
As it circles in orb, it is measured in height and length
I wonder at its borders of each nation
How one can be as small as a speck to naked eyes 
and another cover the terrains of a massive cross-section of the world

How the continents are survived by it markings
And each one sometimes overwhelming the contingents
Just like how a federation is formed
Such is the magnitude of its fortitude

The Federation of Malaysia was born
On a beautiful 16th of September
The year a special 1963
Full of the charms of the ol'
And moving towards a Modern Era

Three Races combined into one
And we have survived the Depression & Fall
A Great Nation with a proud heritage
Born of the Rulers and commons alike

When with pride one upholds the spirit of Merdeka
There will never be a champion of discord
To walk with each other with spirited ambition
There is no turning back for our beautiful Malaysia

Selamat Hari Malaysia..

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