Monday, October 12, 2015

The Miracle of Our Lady Of Lourdes

The Parish of St. Thomas More in Subang Jaya recently built a grotto of Our Lady Of Lourdes in adoration to the beautiful Virgin Mother. It was a beautiful structure and the serenity of its divinity felt and seen by the worshipers.

The month of October being the month of devotion to Our Lady where the rosary is recited everyday, it was with much significance that on the 7th of October, the eyes of the sacred statue moved slowly to the left, then to the right and her eyes started to well up. The prayerful there quickly started saying the rosary and just as they were singing the Ave Maria, she smiled.The Parish Priest who was with the parishioners  there got a message from Our Lady saying that there will be more with her presence. (miracles).

Miracles are happening everyday in our lives and to hope in miracles is something I do each morning when I wake up. The moment I say my rosary I am energized and determined to move forward with my day no matter what challenges await me. When there is hope, where there is faith, there is bound to be miracles and Let's pray for peace in this world torn apart by discord - shobana

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