Monday, November 16, 2015

The Terrorist

Image result for free image of a terrorist

How do you paint an image of a terrorist?

They walk in your midst with a smile and a twist
They capture your life and indulge in your time
They reach out in humility
But deceitfully bide their time to blow you up
And create much strife for the good world..

In fact they even indulge in the good things you provide
And labor for wages that is concealed for their fight
For a no-brainer...war and treason
They do not love peace 
With hatred in their hearts they are mostly concealed in a mask
A shameless breed, they are classified without a true race or religion

They choose for themselves a bride, maybe two or even five
And use them as they wish for they have no respect for wives
They believe in their vile, evil book with no law
And go about their business always hiding in their crude selfish ways

Well, a terrorist in my mind is all the above and more
They believe in a deadly mangled destruction as their choice
They raise their kids somewhat with a skewed up mind of life
And forsake them a life of peace and love and friendship

Oh God, the destruction they cause with their evil minds
They will always be the fugitive with no chance to be freed
From their own self-destruction...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2015

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