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Monday, November 2, 2015

When beauty and pride come together

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She sees the world in a kaleidoscope of colors
Only seen when the night beckons the stunning stars
The images conjured will never be erased
If you see them with such tender heart

When beauty and pride come together
They create a puzzle unlocked in a single bind
Hearts beating amidst the starry night
If you listen closely you can ever hear their whispers arousing

Take a walk in the hushed surroundings
Every now and then you hear laughter in the ripples forming
The waters are soft to the eyes that glisten
Even shimmering the shadows of the sky above glistening

Stars stay stars just a short time before falling
And those caught between, a cupid is cast upon them
Eyes drenched with love engulfing
Even a warm embrace can never etch the drowning
Of a lover in the park awaiting his love struck kisses impatient...

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