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Monday, December 7, 2015

My trip to Jakarta - Au Revoir, Till We meet Again

 The instant I landed at the Jakarta International Airport, I was instilled with a warm sense of welcome. Pass the immigration, over to collect my baggage a gentleman of foreign boding with a Malaysian passport I suppose on holiday too, took the liberty of asking me if I was OK. A prompt nod and recognizing him from the line at the foreigners passport queue I thought to myself that I would have looked lost.

No, I was just taking in the scenario while waiting for my friend Jessica who works in Jakarta and was on the way back from a short holiday in Malaysia. I often have the look that says that I am lost I suppose but even if I do get lost - I ask for directions or actually get lost to discover another avenue of interest.

There is no sense of excitement if there is no adventure in your travels.

Jakarta was breathtakingly a get away from Kuala Lumpur. It looked beautiful everywhere with the lights on when I landed in the hours of late evening.
The people charming, exceptionally good looking and courteous is what crossed my mind.

We were centered in an area where the malls were just two or three minutes away and with rows of gourmet dining there were live bands playing beautiful music at intersections. We danced the 1st night to line dancing- it was just so infectious since the music was fantastic. I was taken up by the talents of each band that played different repertoire of music. There was even a Spanish night where the songs were sung in excellent tunes to the originals.

Christmas decorations were springing up really quickly and on the 2nd day I saw reindeer all lighted up.

 I spent leisurely hours there browsing the outlets at the malls and buying some gorgeous batik motifs. Night time I just listened to the bands that played beautiful numbers that took me back to the 60s, 70s & 80s. I think that Jakarta projected what multi culture-ism is all about. Different ethnics singing, drinking and enjoying each other's company with good food as a companion - well you can never ask for more than that. For a Muslim nation, it is a success I believe in bridging racial barriers and strife. 

I loved my short stint there and will someday make it back. Au Revoir Jakarta - till we meet again.
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