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Friday, January 29, 2016

To Write You a Song Each Day of My Life

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Sometimes when you wake up and I look into your beautiful face
With your hair all tousled and that "just woke up" look in your eyes
I see the beauty that charmed me the first day we met
That innocent creature some say legends are made of..

I remember the smile on your face the first time I saw you
It reached your brown eyes and it struck me that you are a beaut
With amazing gentleness that touch hearts only the way you do
I could see from the beginning that you were this unique persona too

I saw the way you spoke to me and the way you caught me off guard
When you reached out to touch me and tell me I'll see you another time
The moment you were about to leave, I realized a vacuum
And I felt your absence the moment you said good night

I could not wait for the time I would see you again
And when you didn't turn up, I was wasted in my drink
I decided to ask for your hand with a million promises in my head
The most endearing one being
"To write you a song each day of my life"

I want to tell you this in the simplest form I can
From the moment I met you my heart skips a beat each time
you are near...I love you.

All rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Of an Untold Love Story All Boxed Up

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There's a certain trepidation 
Of an untold love story all boxed up
Its almost like a sweet sensation
Revering this feeling caught up inside

There are days when you feel suffocation
The love just overwhelming at times
Just waiting to be released without any inhibition
Without the suppressed feeling of hushed up cries

Love is not like any feeling that you know
Unleashed, it can crush the exhilaration that you feel inside
Making you neither wholesome or whole
Making you a child that you can't hold

Just like  boxed-in red hearts
In a white box whose ribbons have come undone
Its purity is sometimes bloodied
By the intensity of the love that's kept inside..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Running with the tracks

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Have you ever tried competing with the tracks?
When you ride a train
Sitting and watching the swirling tracks 
And the beauty and magnificence of the sun streaming 
Touching glass window
With you peeking and whispering sighs of exhilaration
The wind blowing on to your face
Your hair falling and catching the wind in its gush
The whole journey one of bridled joy...

When you run against the track
And you step on stones that don't crack
With the anonymity
Of the train running on steel
Have you ever felt the excitement of it all

There is a certain magic that goes with a locomotive running on steel
It churns the child in you to do the unseen
To let the wind and the motion of steel
Take you to heights unmeasured by any degree
To reach the ends of earth on a never-ending journey of miles...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016

For Lost Lives (for all the senseless loss of lives)

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Sometimes she clutches on to memories
Maybe to yesterday when everything was whole
Now there are shattered fragments all over
And its missing the lives that held it together

Maybe it will one day recover
When the world ends its bloody tasteless murder
When weapons are thrown down
And lovers reconciled
Maybe it will one day recover its splendor

Sometimes those memories are best kept hidden
Maybe in a closet only opened on occasions
Its the only way to carry on living
Or it will be the hardest to encounter
Lost memories, insane tragedies are best left for others to ponder..

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Beautiful Woman

I know that I am a wonder to you
Hailing from someplace unknown
I stand on beaches that seas rush to
With sand on my feet to show

O hail the sky
That measures up to me
And treats me as the beautiful one
A woman am I
Distrusting you see
Of the camouflage that you set at dusk

I stand with colors all pink in shade
And somewhere between it see red
The reflection I create
With the dusk and the grey
I am the beautiful one instead

I stand all alone watched by the sun's glow
And I dance to the tune of a seaside lullaby
I trip and I fall and see the world so small
In my fingertips I grip it all

So dance a lullaby and see how I try
to create a beautiful slide
of the picture of me 
and that would be
A beautiful woman at sundown

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2014

Friday, January 8, 2016

H for the Hunted

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Sometimes the tracks take you to hidden places
Especially when you are on the run
Naked laid bare, the deceit is overwhelming
the Hunted a victim of no crime...

The Hunter loads his gun
Taking shots at the wild sometimes
Hidden in postures that hide
His silhouette, dark and menacing

It takes the Hunted to expose his atrocities
Maneuvering and sidestepping his range of shots
Exposing all his dirty tactics
The Hunted is pursued with vengeance

Traumatized by the notion of being captured
The Hunted lives in disguise
The Hunter embattled and still at large...

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I sang to her holding her hand - a memory back in time

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I was a young girl when I first heard a song with the lyrics "I've been passing time watching trains go by" and it was all about TIME!! 
That song still instills nostalgia in me having grown up in an area where the train passes by and railway tracks were a crossing we had to make to get to the other side of the town.

I love trains and the hooting and the rush of it.

TIME, the essence of how life is run and is fashioned by. If you had asked me a couple of years ago when our family was wholesome, if I missed anything in life - I would have said no with a little bit of hesitation. Maybe it wasn't altogether wholesome but every member of my family was in it and we had a great sense of belonging and camaraderie. 

Now with 2016 waltzing into our lives, I miss my brother, sister and dad since they have slipped away from all of us.
Not one of them do I miss a little less or more. I feel the same loss for each one of them. My sister and partner of my firm left a lasting impression in me. She died of a tumor in the brain - young, vibrant, beautiful and just 48 years of age. She is survived by her son. 
It was tragic the way she died because even in her pain, she was smiling and always encouraging.
I sang to her, holding her hand and she sang along with me in her last days. I was so sick with anguish myself and there were days I couldn't except what was happening around me but I had to be strong, all of us in fact.

TIME they say will heal the pain but I still feel the loss of my brother, sister and dad just like it was the day they died. There are now more reasons to cherish those around us and live like it is the last day of our lives.

I miss my childhood days, of day-dreaming and school and listening for that whistle of the train that passes by. Life was so much simple and undemanding then.
I guess everyone grows up one day but being a grown up is not all fun and laughter. It is a responsibility to be an adult and I now know why wiser people always say to enjoy your childhood while you can as it the step you take to make you see what adulthood can never achieve.

All rights Reserved.Copyright@shobana2016

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