Friday, January 29, 2016

To Write You a Song Each Day of My Life

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Sometimes when you wake up and I look into your beautiful face
With your hair all tousled and that "just woke up" look in your eyes
I see the beauty that charmed me the first day we met
That innocent creature some say legends are made of..

I remember the smile on your face the first time I saw you
It reached your brown eyes and it struck me that you are a beaut
With amazing gentleness that touch hearts only the way you do
I could see from the beginning that you were this unique persona too

I saw the way you spoke to me and the way you caught me off guard
When you reached out to touch me and tell me I'll see you another time
The moment you were about to leave, I realized a vacuum
And I felt your absence the moment you said good night

I could not wait for the time I would see you again
And when you didn't turn up, I was wasted in my drink
I decided to ask for your hand with a million promises in my head
The most endearing one being
"To write you a song each day of my life"

I want to tell you this in the simplest form I can
From the moment I met you my heart skips a beat each time
you are near...I love you.

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