Saturday, February 13, 2016

Its Valentine's Day somewhere on the other side - Be my Valentine

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The roses they bloomed red on Valentine's Day
Somewhere on the other side of earth

When it arrived in a bouquet filled with love
A bouquet of red lush roses
Filled with aromatic fragnance
With little baby's breath in display

May She be His Valentine that day

A note attached, it said in red
"Be my Valentine today
Because the world is revolving in love"

No greater love can thus be shown
On any other day
Than the day celebrated by lovers

The date it read 2/14/2016, a beautiful Sunday to feat

We will walk the park in moonlit night
And see the shades of the distant neon lights 
Our love will shine like the stars above
With you my Valentine my heart is yours
And as the thunder roars and the lightning strikes
Our love will outshine its blazing sights
And we shall live a scented life
Like the red roses so sublime
Luscious in its beauty and pride...


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2016

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