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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Beauty of Life

The Beauty of Life

It is so difficult to understand the minds of those who destroy the beauty of life. I have always wondered why they would choose a life of destruction and hiding rather than accept a life of peace, harmony and beauty. Would it not be better to enjoy what life has to offer? The world and its resources are large enough to cater to everyone's needs if there is no disparity among the human race at the onset. This is slowly becoming a world of hate!

In that sense, can there not be a dialogue among the dissidents of discord instead of shedding mostly innocent blood and resorting to violence. No matter how long it takes, can there not be a resolution achieved instead of badgering and threat? I believe it can be attained and any discord agreement could come to have a number of votes that contribute and reach an amicable decision. eventually that is. I just wish it was as easy as I have written here. What are they actually fighting for by killing? Every contributing person involved in this homicide of the whole world should be attuned to the fact that someday their world will come tumbling down with all their high-handedness and wickedness. No one lives forever and what goes around comes around. They have made this into a sick world!

The world and its beauty is slowly eroding with destruction. People have started to emigrate to safer places leaving their homes which they have known since birth and embracing new environments. I don't know if there would ever be a "safe place" anymore and what of their identity? Children are taught to grow into intolerant adults and unity outside of their embrace and factions are not encouraged. Our forefathers who have built a life for the future generation of their time would surely now turn in their graves. Great men who have had great foresight would now believe that their work was in vain - now wouldn't they?

How did our world become so difficult to live in and so divided? And why are we still fighting about religion, race and etc? Why can't we just move on with our way of life, look over at our neighbor with a different practice or race and just respect them for what they are. It is enlightening to know each other's cultures and norm I think. With the advancements of technology, education and success, I believe all of us can have a greater bite of the economic pie too. Isn't that what its all about? MONEY!

Money to kill?
Money to live?
Even at death you need Money!

It is not trickling down to the greater masses. The higher echelons are reaping the profits of the beggars - people who are greedy to amass fortunes and who orchestrate tragedies for their own self interests. They recruit young minds, train them to follow their way of rigid thinking and eventually kill them with tragic consequences. These days integrity is hard to find! For a token sum, all ethics of life is discarded! Money is what rules.

I can tell you for generations to come, there will not be a safe place if this goes on. People will evolve into  destructive, divided sectarians. They will plan, execute and destroy as is happening around the globe blindly not valuing the beauty of life. Blindly walking a lewd life. Blind to the destruction they cause and revel in because someday their children will reap the profits of their actions! No-one lives forever. Someday and I can tell you in their old age, their regret will out number their happiness. It would be a sad world for them!

The people who are against these destructive characters are on the rise and I hope that it is not too late even now to believe in them and the beauty of life. Life has so much to offer. It has so much laughter - why make it a tearful one? Life has so much of beauty - why plunder it? Why don't we make a legacy to leave this beautiful world to our children and the future appreciating it while we are still living and knowing that when we are gone, our children will continue to cherish and decorate it the way it should be decorated and lived in.

Families matter, lives matter, the earth and the sea matter and every living thing in it matters!

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