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Friday, April 22, 2016

Voice of Reason for Earth Day

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In 1970 Gaylord Nelson gave voice to the Earth Day Celebration at a time that brought the death of Jimi Hendrix, The last Beatles album and Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge over troubled waters"( taken from the context of www.earthday.org) amongst other tragedies and here we are 46 years later celebrating Earth Day at the time of the legendary Prince's death, El Nino and Climate Change causing massive destruction worldwide not forgetting the terror threat of this century. We are still grappling with our plastics and trying to rid our wastes and clean water & air has reached alarming heights of pollution. With all the technologies we have only managed to damage Mother Earth even further. What a shame - It's a home to be cherished and planted with seeds of honor.Where are our priorities?? 

Nothing will reach proportionate heights without the assistance of each and every member of the world population in condemning and aiding to halt the ravages of the earth. With the tragedies associated with Climate Change another factor of abuse of the Earth's natural resources, the numerous earthquakes happening at this juncture is testimony of the underlying shift of the earth's epicenter. The El Nino effect is felt all across the Globe right now and mainly the poor and destitute suffer the consequences. The corruption associated with the various Governments and Contractors has resulted in shoddy work and structure which has backfired by Mother Earth. Look at the alarming rate of civilization's disorder. See how displaced people are facing the effects of terror. The destruction of monuments and sacred places are worth a mention here.
Terror related activities are on the rise as never before. Weapons of mass destruction are manufactured and sold for terror related activities. The order of the world has come to an end! 
And who suffers?  It is the children and their children's children and the future generation that are affected in the end.
Sometimes we the lay people who have entrusted our care and diligence into the hands of our elected Governments hoping for good governance and placing the future of our children in their hands can only watch, read and live in helplessness.
Divine intervention will be a welcome now!

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