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Monday, May 30, 2016


Some days I lie still thinking of those little hands
Just closed gripping tight
A child not more than a year old
He seems to have a lot on his mind

There is a hidden fear in him on that stranger's lap
I keep seeing that image over and over again

His little frown tugged at my heart
I am struck with sadness at the thought
Of his status as a young refugee

How sad it is that he's in dire straits
The strife not his doing, his life so unclear

Will he someday see the world
Build a school to teach like him
Have the once happiness now denied him
Would he ever be a child first

No, I don't think he will ever be a child first
For he's an adult with a constant frown
The world is full of strangers for him
He's lost his childhood, brotherhood and livelihood
He is an orphaned one 
He is the troubled child

He will be chasing the light
In woods of green
Finding his way through branches that sway
Looking for the light
That will pave the way
To survive just for another day!

All rights reserved. Copyright@2016

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